Sunset Over Troubadour Casting (2024)

1. Sunset over troubadour (academy nicholl fellow… - Stage 32

  • GENRE: Western LOGLINE: A recently widowed bounty hunter and ex-Texas Ranger must bring to bear a lifetime of skills to protect himself and his small town ...

  • A recently widowed bounty hunter and ex-Texas Ranger must bring to bear a lifetime of skills to protect himself and his small town from an unstoppable, vengeful part of his past.

2. Casting Calls - Job Hotline -

  • 13 mei 2024 · Casting Calls · Desert Highway [Paid] (Studio Feature – El Paso) · Night Follows Day [Paid] (Independent Short – Wimberley, TX) ...

  • © 2024, State of Texas, Office of the Governor, Texas Film Commission This is a reference website. No endorsem*nt or quality judgment is implied. Unless noted, all information is provided by listee.

3. Starlight Express - Troubadour | TheatreBoard

4. Breakdowns > LOS ANGELES - actors access

  • TITLE: TINY FUGITIVES (Actors Access Release - Roles of JACOB & TEDGI). TYPE: Feature Film. CASTING DIRECTOR: Chrystie Street Casting. START DATE: Jul 29, 2024.

  • May 24, 05:30pm

5. Saagga | Boca Raton FL - Facebook

6. Upcoming workshops - London Theatre Runway

  • Casting includes numerous productions for West End, Almeida, Regents Park, Chichester Festival Theatre, The Young Vic, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Birmingham Rep, ...

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7. Sunset Boulevard at the Savoy Theatre | Starring Nicole Scherzinger

  • Rachel Tucker guest stars as Norma Desmond on all Monday performances. Haunted by her memories and dreams, movie star Norma Desmond (Scherzinger) yearns to ...

8. Troubadour - MuhRo-Wiki

  • 1 jun 2022 · Troubadour. Language; Watch · Edit. Contents. 1 When do I ... Requirement: Assassin Cross of Sunset 10 ... Fixed Casting Time as well as increases ...

9. Nicole Scherzinger and Sunset Boulevard lead winners at ... - BBC

  • 11 feb 2024 · Best casting direction - Jill Green, The Little Big Things, @sohoplace; Best choreography - Matt Cole, Disney's Newsies, Troubadour Wembley Park ...

  • A monochrome and minimalist production of Sunset Boulevard shines at the theatre awards ceremony.

10. Lg White Artist - Facebook

  • Now Casting: Lead Roles In a Western Movie! Casting "Sunset Over Troubadour," for roles for the Western Sunset Over Troubadour a featre film. Synopsis: A ...

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Sunset Over Troubadour Casting (2024)


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