Fans Speculate on ‘Real Housewives’ Daughter’s Next Big Career Move (2024)

Fans Speculate on ‘Real Housewives’ Daughter’s Next Big Career Move (1)

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Fans of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” think Gia Giudice is eyeing a full-time spot on the show.

The 23-year-old Rutgers University graduate has appeared in several scenes for the 14th season of the Bravo reality show and even logged her own confessional interviews. Fans have also noted how Gia holds her own in conversations with the other Housewives stars.

According to, in one season 14 episode, Teresa Giudice explained that her eldest daughter graduated from college with a criminal justice degree and moved back home to work for a corporate law firm ahead of taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

But that extra time at home also means Gia is around more filming opportunities for RHONJ.

Fans Think Bravo is Soft Launching Gia Giudice

Gia was featured prominently in the RHONJ episode “A League Of Their Own Worst Enemy.” In one scene, she sat with her mom and her friends during a party at Jennifer Aydin’s house. Gia shut down Jenn Fessler as she mentioned Teresa’s estranged brother Joe Gorga.

Fans commented online to speculate that Bravo is “soft launching” Gia as a main cast member on the show.

“RHONJ ummmmmmmm is Gia a part of the cast now? she talking…. A LOT,” one viewer wrote on X.

“Gia shut Jenn Fessler down real quick with the Joe Gorga talk. Like not today or EVER, ma’am.. #RHONJ,” another wrote.

“I have a feeling that Gia is going to be a housewife in like 5-10 years. It’s obvious that Bravo will reach out to her to be full time. #RHONJ,” another chimed in.

“Once Gia is married and has a kid, there will be a true reboot of #rhonj centered around her,” another predicted.

But others pointed out that even as a kid on the show, Gia was also “speaking her mind.”

Others noted that past Real Housewives offspring, such as Lauren Manzo, have been opinionated on camera. Manzo even argued with Teresa Giudice during a RHONJ reunion.

As for why she has been more visible on the show lately, Gia told Us Weekly it’s just because she lives at home again. “I feel like, honestly, it was really whenever my mom was home, I would hop in the scene or I went to a couple events outside of our house,” she said in 2023. “But other than that, it was pretty much just always filming at home.”

“I mean, in filming aspects, I’m always, like, my mom’s right-hand man,” Gia added.

When asked if she would consider a role as a full-time Housewives star, Gia admitted, “I don’t think I would be opposed to doing it. I feel like if the opportunity came to me that I would consider it, but maybe I would do it.”

There Are Rumors That Gia Giudice Is Being Considered For the Bravo Series ‘Making It In Manhattan’

Gia has a fan in Bravo host Andy Cohen. According to, in November 2023, Cohen gushed about Gia during the “Ask Andy” panel at BravoCon. He also teased her larger role for RHONJ season 14, “Listen, you’re gonna be seeing a lot more Gia this year. I love Gia,” he said.

There have been rumors that Gia is being eyed for the upcoming Bravo series “Making It in Manhattan.” In May 2024, Deadline reported that Bravo greenlit the reality series that will follow “a tight-knit group of friends navigating the trials and triumphs of young adulthood.” The teaser noted that some of the cast members “hail from the spotlight of well-known families.”

A rumor posted on Reddit claimed that Real Housewives kids Brooks Mark and Riley Burruss were among the potential cast members alongside other celebrity kids such as Ming Lee Simmons. “Now for the drama,” the Redditor shared. “The producer tried to sneak Gia Guidice and Ariana Bierman into the cast – with filming starts in a few weeks. …Now the current cast is all saying they won’t film until those two girls are removed because they refuse to associate. Show might get canceled now.”

Fans speculated that Gia is “putting law school on the back burner.”

“I kinda thought she was trying to shy away from school when she started to appear on the show more and more with her mother,” one Reddit user commented.

Others noted that Gia and Ariana “are arguably some of the bigger named RH kids” and would give the new show a huge “marketing boost.”

“Gia and ariana would bring the views for sure,” another agreed.

Bravo does not comment on casting rumors.

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Fans Speculate on ‘Real Housewives’ Daughter’s Next Big Career Move (2024)


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