'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (2024)



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"Real Housewives of New York" star Sonja Morgan recently sold her coveted Upper East Side townhouse through an auction more than 10 years after listing the property following a bitter divorce with J.P. Morgan heir John Morgan.

While Morgan's decade-long real estate plight is coming to a close, former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak is stuck in the middle of her own mansion mayhem with the looming foreclosure of her Atlanta home.

We take a look at a few Bravo-lebrities who have faced real estate issues over the years.


'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (2)

"Real Housewives" Sonja Morgan and Kim Zolciak have dealt with real estate woes. (Getty Images)

Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan's home in the heart of Manhattan was on and off the market for years and was featured in multiple episodes of "RHONY." She initially put the 4,650-square-foot townhouse on the market in 2013 for $9.5 million.

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom residence featured custom woodwork throughout the five-story home, which also included a landscaped 35-foot garden with a fountain and a koi pond.

'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (3)

Sonja Morgan's New York townhouse. She put the home on the market multiple times before it sold at auction. (Google / Google Maps)


Morgan struggled to find a buyer and eventually dropped the price down to $7.2 million in 2015, according to property records. The following year, she listed the home for rent at $32,000 per month.

Last year, Sonja jumped back into the real estate game and listed her townhouse for $8.75 million after renovating but later dropped the asking price to $7.5 million.

She finally sold her family home for $4.45 million Wednesday after a two-week online auction with Concierge Auctions.


Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann still face foreclosure on their Atlanta mansion amid their bitter, year-long divorce, according to documents obtained by Fox News Digital.

A Fulton County judge recently ruled the court "intends to initiate a non-judicial foreclosure proceeding on or after May 3, 2024" in a petition for an injunction initially filed in October by Truist Bank.


The 15,000-square-foot estate was built in 2008 and boasts extreme privacy in a gated community. Set on nearly two acres, the $6 million mansion features seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a fitness room, wine cellar and game room in addition to a pool and grotto area.

'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (4)

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann face foreclosure on a Georgia mansion. (Getty Images / Getty Images)

'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (5)

Zolciak gave fans an inside look of her "blinged"-out mansion on their Bravo reality show "Don’t Be Tardy." (Bravo / Fox News)

Kim and Kroy first filed dueling divorces in May 2023 after 11 years of marriage before dropping the petitions in July. He refiled for divorce in August, saying their marriage was "irretrievably broken."

During a status conference hearing in October, a judge ruled their Alpharetta, Georgia, home "shall be listed for sale," and both petitioner and respondent "shall have exclusive use of the marital residence until the marital residence is sold."


In February 2023, it was reported the couple's extravagant Georgia mansion was in foreclosure and scheduled to go up for public auction in March, allegedly due to Biermann and Zolciak defaulting on a $1.65 million loan they took out in 2012 against the property. However, the foreclosure auction was later canceled.

The couple owed the IRS more than $1 million in unpaid taxes from 2013, 2017 and 2018, according to separate documents obtained by Fox News Digital last year.

'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (6)

Their Georgia mansion was reportedly in foreclosure and set to go up for public auction in March 2023 allegedly due to Kim and Kroy defaulting on a $1.65 million loan they took out in 2012 against the property. However, the foreclosure auction was la (Bravo / Fox News)

Representatives for Zolciak and Biermann did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment.

Teresa Giudice

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice foreclosed on two homes amid her federal bankruptcy and mortgage fraud case with ex-husband Joe Giudice.

Their $170,000 three-bedroom investment property in the Lincoln Park area was sold back to the lenders at a foreclosure auction in 2016 for $100 after failing to receive one bid. The reality stars reportedly owed more than $220,000 on the home at the time of the sale.

'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (7)

Teresa Giudice and ex-husband Joe Giudice foreclosed on multiple homes while married. (Getty Images / Getty Images)

'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (8)

An image taken in 2019 of the Lincoln Park, N.J., home later flipped by Teresa Giudice. (Google / Google Maps)

The year before, the former couple lost their Manahawkin vacation home in a separate foreclosure. The Lincoln Park property came to light in the fraudulent bankruptcy filing, a case that sent the reality stars to prison.


Both Teresa and Joe pleaded guilty to mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud in March 2014 and admitted to not paying $200,000 in taxes. She served one year in prison, while Joe served 41 months in prison before he was deported to his native Italy in 2019.

They separated the following year and divorced. She married Luis Ruelas in August 2022.

'Real Housewives' stars Sonja Morgan, Kim Zolciak dealt a blow over luxury homes (2024)


What happened to Sonja Morgan's house? ›

The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum's Upper East Side residence sold for $4.45 million after a two-week online auction wrapped up Wednesday, The New York Post reported. Morgan, 60, originally purchased the home in 1998 with her husband, J.P. Morgan heir John Morgan, for $9.1 million.

Why is Sonja's daughter not on RHONY? ›

Discussing why she never appeared on RHONY during her mom's 11-season run on the Bravo series, Quincy told S'More Date in August 2022 that "It wasn't my thing." "I knew I wanted a corporate career," she said. "I'm not a public speaker. I'm not somebody who likes attention, except in my personal life.

Who is Sonja Morgan married to now? ›

What does Sonja Morgan's daughter do? ›

Are Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan still friends? ›

The friendships between Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, and Luann de Lesseps on The Real Housewives of New York are enduring and they prioritize their bond over petty fights.

How much money does Sonja have? ›

Sonja Morgan (US$8 million)

She now earns US$465,000 per episode. As well as a clothing line she launched in 2015, Morgan has her company Tipsy Girl with business partner Peter Guimaraes, which distributes wine (a brand Frankel has complained is too similar to her Skinnygirl).

Is Sonja Morgan in a relationship? ›

Morgan first broke news of the romance last month while appearing on a panel with her RHUGT: RHONY Legacy costars at BravoCon 2023. “I am dating a Viking. He has a beard, a mustache — white [and] a little gray,” she shared, before joking about their sex life.

What is Ramona Singer doing now? ›

Singer currently splits her time between her three properties in N.Y.C., Southampton, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to running her jewelry company and Pinot Grigio line, Singer is now a real estate agent.

Who is the oldest housewife? ›

1 Jeana Keough - 68 Years Old

Jeana Keough is the oldest Housewife and is another one who started as an OG before leaving RHOC after season 5. However, as a pivotal part of RHOC, Jeana is still friends with a few of the women and pops up on the screen from time to time.

Did Sonja Morgan get out of debt? ›

Five years later, the publication reported that she settled her bankruptcy case. During an episode of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live in March 2019, Sonja opened up about the past experience, explaining that she was "out of my Chapter 11 reorganization, which means I paid 100 percent on the dollar."

Does Sonja keep her house? ›

After years of price cuts and no buyers, Sonja Morgan has finally unloaded her luxurious Upper East Side townhouse in an online auction. The “Real Housewives of New York City” star parted ways with her opulent residence at 162 E.

How long was Sonja married to JP Morgan? ›

Sonja was married to John Adams Morgan from 1998 to 2006. In a 2021 episode of RHONY, she felt conflicted about her divorce from the American financier, the heir to J.P. Morgan. “I lost my best friend and a wonderful marriage,” Sonja said in the episode.

What is the address of Sonja Morgan's townhouse? ›

After 27 years in the five-story, six-bathroom Gilded Age townhouse at 162 East 63rd Street, Morgan is leaving. A sign affixed to the fence out front reads “LUXURY PROPERTY AUCTION.” Starting bid: $1.75 million.

What is Sonja Morgan doing these days? ›

In 2023, she co-starred in a Real Housewives spin-off series with longtime cast mate Luann de Lesseps, titled Luann & Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake, which premiered on July 9, 2023.

Is Sonja Morgan still selling clothes? ›

PHOTOS: Sonja Morgan's Clothing Line is Now Available at Walmart Following the Blow RHONY Star Took From Century 21 Closure, Get a Look at the Stylish Collection. Fans can now purchase pieces from Sonja Morgan's clothing line at their friendly-neighborhood Walmart!


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