What is the Teresa Giudice Net Worth in 2024 and Her Income Sources? - Feature Weekly (2024)

Teresa Giudice works hard for her money. This was necessary after her family was put in great financial difficulty in 2009 due to an irreparable legal mistake. Luckily, Teresa has served her sentence and is now working to pay off all her debts. The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG works like a hamster on a wheel, constantly churning out books, merchandise and advertisem*nts while growing her bank account.

But not every project this sprinkle cookie thrower has taken on has been a success. First, Teresa and her brother Joe Gorga opened a restaurant in May 2017. It closed in 2018. She also used to have a Bellini bottled drink called Fabellini, but that was discontinued because the brand didn’t like her felony conviction.

Teresa used her “away” time wisely by turning lemons into legal tender (and we don’t mean chicken, Tre). After her release, she returned to society stronger and ready to take on both her debt and her doubts for RHONJ. So, how much is she making now? And how much is someone worth at 52 years old?

How much is Teresa Giudice’s net worth?

Teresa’s net worth is reportedly around $500,000.

This is according to estimates by Celebrity Net Worth. Obviously, her net worth is lower than that of some women, but that’s also because she’s still in the rebuilding phase and (hopefully) paying off her debts with every check. Over time, her net worth will probably rise again and get back on par with her co-stars.

So how on earth did Teresa save this amount after having to start from scratch?

First Tre wrote about what she knows

As a writer, I’m always told that it’s best to write about what you know. Someone must have told Teresa that, because when her time “away” was over, she came home and wrote Turning the Table: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.

The title says it all, so I won’t summarize. Upon publication, the book quickly became a New York Times bestseller because everyone was curious about her time in prison.

Teresa has also written four cookbooks and a second autobiography, Standing Strong. Though she’s paid to write the truth, her co-stars don’t necessarily like her words being in print. Speaking of women, Melissa Gorga once said that women also help put food on the table, or so Melissa Gorga once stated, facing Tre’s wrath in return.

So, how much is Teresa’s salary on RHONJ?

Teresa’s salary on Bravo was originally pretty low, but that’s typical of any reality show. Rookies, you’ve got to make a living. In season one, she only took home $25,000, and yes, that’s a total. Luckily, the network recognized her contributions to the turnaround, and her salary continued to increase each year after.

These days, she’s reportedly making an estimated $1.1 million per season, making her one of the highest-paid Real Housewives in the entire series. If she keeps up with Bravo and gets smart with her money (which may be possible, since everyone dreams bigger), that should help her pay off her debt pretty quickly.

From Come-In to Cumin, YouTube Pays Teresa

With four cookbooks already published, and from what we’ve seen on Bravo over the years, it’s clear that Teresa knows her way around a kitchen. In addition to the recipes she publishes, Teresa and her husband Luis Ruelas also post their own cooking videos on YouTube. It’s unclear how much she earns from this part-time job, but her channel “Cook with Love” has over 41,000 followers. So they can surely pay at least one or two bills a month with this additional business.

Ad campaigns love Teresa

Another source of income is clearly visible on Tre’s Instagram. Here are some companies paying her to keep their brands relevant. In the past few months alone, Teresa has increased profits for Sunset Waters, Good Vibe Medical, Caso Boutique, and Ryl Tea.

And finally, other broadcasters are also using Teresa to their advantage

Teresa is a household name on Bravo. She will soon be joining E! She will be appearing in season two of House of Villains. In addition to these appearances, Teresa has also filmed for Dancing with the Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice. She also appeared in Saba’s Super Bowl commercial and appeared in the VH1 movie About Christmas.

Needless to say, Teresa is making up for lost time and making money back every step of the way. As long as she doesn’t make too much money from the stories, her bank account will reportedly continue to thrive.

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What is the Teresa Giudice Net Worth in 2024 and Her Income Sources? - Feature Weekly (2024)


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