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At Heart & Soil, we're offering the world's highest form of nutrition while guiding people back to radical health and vitality. We're so excited to welcome you to our tribe of Radical Health Seekers!

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Congratulations on taking your first step towards radical health! Organs are some of the most nutrient-dense and bioavailable foods on the planet. Fueling your body with them can be the beginning of an incredible health journey, paving the way for a remarkable transformation in how you look, feel and perform!


Take your health to the next level with our 7 Steps to Radical Health. Blending ancestral principles with modern science, this is your blueprint for achieving optimal health!

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    Step 1:

    Consume Organs Daily

    Organs are nature's original multivitamin. Nourishing your body with them is the first step in unlocking your genetic potential to live a life of radical health!

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    Step 2:

    Ditch the Processed Foods

    Usually a combination of processed grains, processed sugars and seed oils, these ‘foods' are at the root of metabolic dysfunction, obesity and chronic disease. Swap for real foods!

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    Step 3:

    Build Healthy Habits

    Adopt healthy exercise and lifestyle habits, focusing on atleast one actionable step in each of the 5 pillars; sleep, low-level movement, stress management, time in nature, and play.

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    Step 5:

    Push Yourself Physically

    Develop a heightened understanding of your body and adopt the physical activities of your ancestors. Use a combination of frequent but slow pace daily movement, functional full-body training (bodyweight or gym exercises) and occasional bouts of more intense exercise.

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    Step 6:


    Identify and correct the remaining environmental inputs that could be negatively impacting your health and experiment with new cutting-edge scientific recommendations.

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    Step 7:

    Achieve Your Why

    Now that your body and mind is operating at its fullest potential, you can begin to positively impact the world around you by pursuing a higher meaning and purpose. This is your opportunity to achieve what you've always wanted, to be an example for others, contribute to your community and build a better world!



    Welcome to the Heart & Soil Community, where your path to radical health becomes a shared adventure! The community is a gathering of like-minded individuals passionate about animal-based nutrition.

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    • Download the app from Apple or Google Play store.
    • Create an account and add a profile photo and bio to personalize it!
    • Don't forget to turn on notifications so that you are alerted whenever there is a new post, event, or resource post in the community!


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      Support, accountability, and camaraderie from 15,000+ fellow Radical Health Seekers!

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      Monthly webcasts and Q&A's with the Heart & Soil team.

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      More engaging conversations with fellow members and Heart & Soil health guides.

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      Giveaways and exclusive promotions for being a community member.

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      Monthly challenges to support your animal-based journey.

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      Participate in weekly polls to drive the Heart & Soil Community experience.

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    Combining modern podcast and traditional talk radio styles, Radical Health Radio is our weekly podcast dedicated to guiding you on all 7 steps of your journey to radical health.

    Tune in every Wednesday with host Ste Lane and a lineup of expert health guests as they offer insights for your health journey, dispel common health myths, and answer listeners’ questions live on air.


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      “I was always in shape, but after being diagnosed with celiac when I was 28, I could not get back to where I wanted to be... this diet accompanied with some supplements, including Beef Organs, seems to be the only thing that helped me get back into shape. My energy, mood, and sleep have all improved.”



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      “My goal was actually not weight loss, but I was trying to heal some health issues. I have had chronic migraines my whole life... I went completely animal-based and was able to heal from my pain. It changed my whole life, and I am forever grateful. The weight loss was just a huge added perk!”



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      I had severe cystic acne to the point where I was crying because of the pain! After about 5 weeks of taking the Skin, Hair & Nails supplement, no visible cyst… after 7 weeks, no cyst at all! I've been on it for a little under a year now, and my skin looks great, and I have so much confidence now!”



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      “When I started, I was on 14 pharmaceuticals for several autoimmune issues. I was miserable... Fast forward to today, nearly 6 years later (following an animal-based diet), I'm 130lbs down, pharma free, and in the best health of my life after reversing numerous diagnoses.”



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    At the heart of our mission is a team of devoted Health Guides committed to helping you achieve your health goals. Connect with our Health Success Team today to get started!

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    Welcome - Heart & Soil Supplements (32)

    Welcome - Heart & Soil Supplements (2024)


    Who owns heart and Soil supplements? ›

    Paul Saladino @carnivoremd2.

    Are heart and soil supplements third party tested? ›

    Rigorous third-party testing by independent labs during and after manufacturing. Quality and purity information can be provided upon request.

    Does liver King own heart and soil? ›

    Johnson owns several fitness-related supplement companies, including The Fittest, Medicine Man Mushrooms, and Heart & Soil, the latter of which he manages with fellow influencer Paul Saladino.

    What are heart and soil capsules made of? ›

    Our supplements are made using 100% bovine gelatin.

    Are heart and soil safe? ›

    Although rare, some individuals experience discomfort or adverse reactions when they start taking Heart & Soil (H&S) supplements. The symptoms are usually mild but can feel disconcerting.

    Where are heart and soil located? ›

    If you visit our HQ in Austin, TX, you'll quickly notice that we eat, sleep and breathe the animal-based message we preach.

    What are the side effects of taking beef liver supplements? ›

    While there are many great benefits of taking beef liver supplements, here are a few things you can be looking out for:
    • #1: Upset Stomach. ...
    • #2: Healthy Detoxification. ...
    • #3: Allergic Reactions (Extremely Rare) ...
    • #4: Iron Overload (Only For People With an Iron Metabolism Disorder) ...
    • Solution #1: Take with Food.
    Sep 19, 2023

    What is the number one supplement for heart health? ›

    Why We Recommend It. Omega-3 fats can potentially benefit the heart by lowering blood triglycerides and cholesterol, improving blood pressure, and reducing inflammation. 78 Because of this, omega-3s may be considered a heart health supplement that can target many areas of heart health.

    Will heart and soil supplements break a fast? ›

    Taking our supplements while fasting will not significantly diminish these benefits, as our supplements only contain about 15 to 20 calories per serving!

    Why is Liver King so rich? ›

    He's a popular bodybuilding and wellness influencer best known for eating raw meat and espousing a primitive lifestyle. Most of his wealth comes from investments in ancestral health brands, supplement startups, and real estate. Liver King's self-proclaimed net worth is $310 million in 2023.

    Is Liver King healthy? ›

    Do we recommend the Liver King Diet? While the Liver King promotes his diet, it is not a diet recommended for anyone. There are many high-protein, high-iron foods that can included in more balanced diet, and many of the practices he claims to follow are not realistic for most people.

    Are beef organ supplements good for you? ›

    Benefits of beef organ supplements. Organ meats are full of nutrients, and are often more nutritious than muscle meats. Most organ meats are good sources of vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, iron, and zinc.

    Is Heart and Soil 3rd party tested? ›

    Rigorous third-party testing by independent labs during and after manufacturing. Quality and purity information can be provided upon request.

    How much protein is in heart and soil supplements? ›

    Each serving (six capsules) of our organ supplements has about 2 grams of protein, negligible carbs and fat (less than half a gram each), and about 15 calories.

    Does beef liver increase estrogen? ›

    The liver also produces hormones that are important for sexual development and reproduction, such as estrogen and testosterone. One of the reasons that beef liver is so effective at increasing hormone production is that it is rich in cholesterol.

    What company owns Garden of Life products? ›

    Garden of Life is a supplement company that was founded in 2000 by Jordan Rubin and acquired by Nestlé Health Science in 2017. The brand has maintained its B Corporation status, a private certification that measures a company's environmental and social impact.

    Who owns pure supplements? ›

    In 2017, Nestle acquired Atrium Innovations, the parent company of Pure Encapsulations.

    Who founded ancestral supplements? ›

    - Liver King

    While it would be wrong to say he “invented them” (because they've always existed), our founder (the Liver King) first began writing and demonstrating The 9 Ancestral Tenets to the modern world in 2014, and since then they've inspired and saved countless lives.


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