Types of Aid - Brooklyn College (2024)

The Office of Financial Aid administers federal and state financial aid programs that are designed to help undergraduate, transfer, and graduate students finance their college education.

Your first step in being considered for a financial aid package is to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and a New York State financial aid application (TAP). Graduate students do not need to fill out the TAP application.

TypeS of Aid

These can be used, individually or in combination, to help meet your cost of attendance at Brooklyn College:

  • Undergraduate and graduate grants: financial need-based government-issued aid that you are not required to repay.
  • Scholarships: aid from the college or a third party. Like government-based aid, scholarships do not need to be repaid and are awarded based on merit or financial need.
  • Federal Work-Study: allows you to earn money to help pay for part of your education expenses by working part-time on or off campus.
  • Federal Loans: require that you complete entrance and exit interviews online, sign an electronic loan agreement/Master Promissory Note (MPN), and agree to repay the principal and interest on such loans upon completion of your studies or if you fall below six credits. The interest rate and fees are established by the U.S. Congress, and the lender is the U.S government.
  • Private Loans: issued from a nongovernmental lender and require you to pay back the principal with interest. The terms of the loan including the interest rate and fees are set by the lender.

You should also be aware that federal and state financial aid programs are subject to change. The types and amounts of awards may vary annually, based on available funds and changes in the status of your financial need.

Brooklyn College School Code Numbers

Federal School Code Number: 002687

TAP School Code for Undergraduate Students: 1410

Information for Graduate Students

We recommend that you review the Graduate Student Loan Guide. This guide provides information about the Federal Direct Loan options available for graduate study. It also provides instructions on how to accept the offered Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan on your CUNYfirst financial aid package. Remember that these options are available only if you have completed the admission process and are ready to enroll in courses at Brooklyn College.

Financial Aid Disbursem*nt

Financial aid disbursem*nt date information is available by logging into CUNYfirst. Note that this information represents the initial and first available disbursem*nt dates for different programs. Each program will disburse aid every Monday (except holidays) until the end of the academic year. Federal Work-Study funds are paid on a bi-weekly basis and follow a different schedule where payments are generally issued on Thursday. Financial aid funds will not be disbursed until all To Do List items in your CUNYfirst Student Center Tasks and Holds tile are completed. Refer to the CUNYfirst Student Financial Aid Guide for instructions on how to access your To Do List.

Financial Aid Refunds

Contact the Office of the Bursar if you have questions related to refunds. Note that your refund will generally be available on the Friday following your disbursem*nt date if your financial aid is greater than your tuition liability. That means you will see your refund amount posted in CUNYfirst a few days before it will actually be issued to you. Refunds may be issued through direct deposit if you have set this up in CUNYfirst or will be mailed to the address you have listed in CUNYfirst if direct deposit is not set up. The Office of Financial Aid recommends that you enroll in direct deposit to avoid delays in receipt of your refund, checks lost in the mail, or lost aid due to uncashed funds.

Your Responsibilities

  • Keep all your contact information (postal address, e-mail, and telephone) current by updating your CUNYfirst account as soon as any changes occur.
  • Check your Brooklyn College e-mail and your CUNYfirst account frequently for messages regarding your financial aid status and your student account.
  • Complete your applications accurately and provide correct information at all times. Reporting false information is a violation of the law and may be considered a criminal offense.
  • Be aware of and meet all deadlines for applying or reapplying for financial aid. You must complete your applications sufficiently in advance so that processing may be completed by the stated deadline.
  • Submit any additional information or documents required by the Financial Aid Office before the stated deadline.
  • Keep your parents informed of all financial aid requirements and deadlines if you are a dependent student.
  • Read and understand all forms you are asked to sign and keep a copy of each.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office if the information reported on your financial aid application has changed.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office if at any time during the year you receive any type of financial assistance that is not listed on your award notice.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office if you are receiving financial aid for attendance at another institution while attending Brooklyn College.
  • Know and comply with all terms, conditions, and policies associated with the awards you receive.
  • Begin attendance in your classes to qualify for any financial aid payments. Financial aid is awarded with the expectation that you will attend school for the entire period for which your aid was intended.
  • Continue to make satisfactory academic progress in your program of study according to college, state, and federal standards.

Your Rights

  • Know what financial aid programs are available, including information on all federal and state grants, loans, and institutional financial aid programs.
  • Know the application procedures and deadlines for each of the available financial aid programs.
  • Know how your financial aid eligibility is determined.
  • Know how financial aid is awarded and the basis for these decisions. Know how and when financial aid is disbursed. Learn more.
  • Know how and when financial aid is disbursed. Learn more.
  • Know how Brooklyn College determines whether you are making federal satisfactory academic progress, and what happens if you are not. Learn more.
  • Meet with a financial aid adviser to address special or unusual circ*mstances. Learn more.
  • Confidentiality of your personal information. All records and information submitted with your application for financial aid are confidential and subject to legal requirements concerning disclosure of such information.
  • Know about the college’s tuition refund policies if you have to withdraw from school after the semester begins. Learn more.
  • Know what effect withdrawals will have on your eligibility for financial aid payments. Learn more.
  • You have additional rights and responsibilities if you receive a Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Loan, or Federal Work-Study.
Types of Aid - Brooklyn College (2024)


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