School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (2024)

The recent Spring Update brought some interesting reworks to Wizard101. One of the most important is the change in blades. Ravino’s article on the rework of blades and traps goes into the reestablishment of school identity. Today, we are going to dive into greater definition of what the roles of each school are, there pros, cons, and my general thoughts/advice for each school.

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Balance School Roles

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Role: The buffer, secondary healer. AKA: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Pros: Balance wizards can do a little bit of everything. Their greatest strength comes from their Balance Blade and Bladestorm. They can learn elemental/spiritual blades and traps for free. Their small assortment of heals can be a good back up if Life goes down.

Cons: Their greatest strength is also one of their greatest weaknesses. They can heal but aren’t as strong as Life wizards. They can use Elemental and Spirit Shields but Thaumaturges have better defensive capabilities.One of the greatest downfalls of the Balance School is that it lacks a prism. This makes battling Balance mobs very difficult in low level worlds. It isn’t until Polaris that we finally get an AOE (Nested Fury) that allows us to circumvent this flaw.

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (3)Thoughts and tips: The primary duty of a Sorcerer is to buff up the hitter. They are the true support class of Wizard101. When playing a support Balance wizard, make sure to have gear that gives solid resistance. Balance was never designed to be the tank so don’t try to act like it. Simply survive long enough to help your hitter build up to the big hit. When you’re the support, you should prioritize getting out Balance blade and Bladestorm first. If you have other players, they can Elemental/Spirit Blade the hitter.

Pack Helping or Availing Hands in your deck. If your Life wizard is busy building up pips for Pigsie or Rebirth, your HOT can help players who may be running on the lower side. Many people underestimate the power of HOTs, so make sure you put them to good use!

Fire School Roles

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (4)Role: The hitter, AKA: The DOT King

Pros: Much like its stormy cousin, the Fire School can do plenty of damage. They also have a wide variety of AOEs.

Cons: The greatest weakness of this school is its reliance on spells that have DOTs. At higher levels, this because even more of a problem because many mobs and bosses can simply cast Triage.

An alternative is Raging Bull, but you don’t get this until Polaris and it requires a shadow pip (which can take forever to get). This means that Pyromancers must rely on their good old fashioned Meteor Strike or build up enough damage to one shot with Fire Dragon. Much like storm, they sacrifice defense for a more powerful offense.

Thoughts and tips: This may sound foreign but I would recommend packing Detonate into your spell deck. DOTs can take time to kill of the boss (if they don’t triage it off), which can allow the boss to build up pips for devastating hits. Higher level bosses tend to enjoy spamming the players with lower level spells while causing massive damage. Detonate allows you to cause the damage all at once, killing the boss and making you the hero of the battle.

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Also, Pyromancers, feel free to fight for your right to hit! Don’t let the Diviners call all the shots. When you’re facing an Ice or Life boss, you’re going to end up doing more damage than they will. I’ve seen too many Fire wizards pushed to the side when they could contribute heavily to the fight. One of the most important battles that Pyromancers can really contribute to is the Storm Titan’s Trident at the end of Empyrea. Since the Titan require three hits of high damage, DOTs are the best option. That means Heckhound finally gets its day in the sun!

Death School Roles

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Role: The debuffer. AKA: The Deathly Debuffer

Pros: The Death school provides some of the greatest defensive spells in the game. The addition of Bad Juju has made fighting high damage bosses such as Storm Titan’s Trident so much easier (-90%. It doesn’t get much better than that). Since debuffs aren’t susceptible to pierce, they can lower the damage immensely. Hands down, Bad Juju is a must for many of the higher level battles (*cough* Titan’s Trident *cough*)

The School of Death is also the perfect school for solo playing. Their ability to heal themselves with their hits makes them the easiest to forge ahead with questing. If you want to zip through worlds, this is the wizard to do it with. Farming dungeons for Alchemical Extracts or Flying Squid Ink alone? Use Death.

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (7)

Cons: The newest rework to Dark Pact may be a problem with some Necromancers. Instead of Death damage, Dark Pact and Sacrifice now cause Moon damage. Many have tried to build up to that Death immunity, where they don’t have to worry about damaging themselves. Taking Moon damage means that the time spent getting to that Death immunity has been wasted. Much like Life, unless you’re willing to put in the crowns for Celestial Spellement Packs or Knight’s Lore Pack, Necromancer’s don’t get an AOE until Scarecrow. While Necromancers can sustain themselves in long battles, without that AOE, worlds up to Scarecrow can be tedious.

Thoughts and tips: When bosses were introduced with high pierce and damage output, Death wizards became a hot commodity. Virulent Plague and Bad Juju turned Death players into some of the most popular in the game. It isn’t uncommon to see at least one Necromancer in each final boss team, starting in Mirage.

For those Necromancer mains, Take advantage of this! Tell everyone that you’re willing to spam Plague and Bad Juju. You won’t have any issues getting assistance in dungeons. Have gear where if you damage yourself, you’re not hurting yourself too badly. Remove all gear that may boost your damage! With a high enough resist and little to no damage output, spamming those Jujus and Empowers won’t be a problem. In higher rank battles, I’d recommend putting up an empowerment aura, that way you’re gaining pips as the boss and mobs attempt to eradicate you.

Ice School Roles

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (8)Role: The tank, AKA: The Paladin

Pros: If done properly, this school has the highest defense in the game. I’ve seen many Thaumaturges with high resistance to complete immunity to schools. They can take hit, after hit, after hit. They have ridiculously high health.

Cons: Ice is the opposite of Fire and Storm. They sacrifice offense for a strong defense. Thaumaturges don’t have very powerful spells and have to rely on a bit of setting up to get that one shot AOE.

Thoughts and tips: It is absolutely ok to play the tank. Use Taunt to focus the enemies damage on you. If you have the right build, you can take hit, after hit, after hit. Use Shadow Sentinel! Soak up some of that damage from your teammates. You have the resist that will allow you to do it. As an Ice tank, I’ve used Shadow Sentinel to great success. I have gear setups for each school, that way I can be bullied by the bosses while taking little to no damage.

The newest buff to Legion Shield makes in invaluable in team fights. Tower Shield has already been useful in many fights, so the new and improved Legion Shield is going to be a necessity. I would also highly encourage that all Thaumaturges train all of the school shields found in the Commons.

Finally, pack some heals! If the main healer goes down, tank the hits and bring that healer back to life. Otherwise, focus on shielding and protecting your team. If you can, divert the attention away from your teammates and to you.

Life School Roles

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (9)Role: The healer, AKA: The Cleric

Pros: This is the healer of the game. They have the greatest healing diversity and can easily revive the team back from the dead. When facing powerful bosses that can one shot players (such as Aberrant Paradox), Theurgists are a must have on the team. Since Theurgists don’t require a life mastery amulet, they can equip an amulet that provides a different spell.

Cons: The saddest problem facing Life school is that no one really wants to play the healer. Everyone wants to get that big hit to kill off the boss. Though I have seen Theurgists with impressive damage output, that’s not their job. They need to focus on healing to keep the team alive.

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (10)

They are also the weakest school in terms of damage, and unless you get Ratatoskr’s Spin from Grizzleheim Packs or spellements, Life doesn’t get an AOE until Forest Lord. This makes questing in worlds under Dragonspyre an absolute pain.

Thoughts and tips: I’ve seen many battles where Theurgists keep on their damage armor from Darkmoor and Dragoon when they should be focused on healing. Invest in good healing gear such as Jade gear. If you have great outgoing healing, every team is going to want you. You will be the lifesaver of the group. I’ve seen Theurgists with absurd healing output. When I did dungeons with them, my health rarely dropped into the orange.

Don’t use Pigsie or Rebirth unless the entire team is low. If only one player is low, use Fairy or Bless to boost up their health. Keep a Triage or two in your deck, that way if you run into a DOT, you can remove them without trouble. I’d also recommend packing a Guardian Spirit or two into your deck. That way, you have a means of getting back up if the boss slaughters you. A dead Life wizard can be detrimental to the team, especially if you don’t have any backup healers.

Myth School Roles

Role: Crowd control, AKA: Master Monster Manipulator

Pros: Myth has some of the most interesting abilities in the game. They can push DOTs back at the enemy, break shields and traps, and can even spam Blinding Light on their enemies. Many of their hits even stun enemies. In Karamelle, they gain the ability to confuse targets which is amazing!

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (11)

Cons: Tragically, so much of a Conjurer’s repertoire is built off of minion summons. Unfortunately, all of the summons we learn are pretty useless. The only summons worth conjuring are Monstrology summons but once the Sun School enchantments are made available, no one is going to enhance their cards with Monstrology extracts. They can do decent damage but teams are more likely to focus on blading up a Fire or Storm. Due to this, we sadly don’t see many high level Myth players.

Thoughts and tips: Honestly, I feel kind of bad for Conjurers. At higher levels, summons become completely obsolete. The minions don’t contribute much to the battle, making them a waste of pips. While they can make a good tertiary hitter, they fall short of causing the major damage that Fire and Storm deal. Otherwise, to the high level Myth wizards, I’d recommend packing spells such as Blinding Light to do some crowd control. Use Pierce or Shatter to get rid of shields. Push around those DOTs. Manipulate the battlefield to your advantage. Of all the schools, Myth requires the most creativity and thus, in my opinion, is one of the most fun to play.

Storm School Roles

Role: The hitter, AKA: The Glass Cannon

Pros: Storm is easily one of the most popular schools in the game. It has the highest damage spells in the game and the rework of blades and traps only strengthen its offensive ability. Diviners come with plenty of nasty AOEs, making them the bane of the enemies existence. Tempest spam makes them very popular in breezing through mob fights in dungeons such as Abandoned House.

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (12)

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (13)

Cons: What storm does in damage, it lacks in defense. Many storm wizards hang up their Darkmoor hoods in favor of Paradox or Dragoon’s hats. This lowers their defense, making them the glass cannon. Powerful, but easy to break. Diviners need a tank or healer to keep them alive because there’s nothing worst than being killed and losing all of your precious blades.

I’ve also noticed that Storm wizards don’t always play well together. Everyone wants to be the killer so it becomes a “who’s damage is highest” fight. They like to speed through fights and sometimes take out the enemies before other players have a chance to enter the battle. Make sure that everyone is in before you hit! That way everyone gets the drops. For more details, check out my article on proper farming etiquette. Storm wizards also tend to favor building up blades and trying to go for that big critical hit. Many Diviners rely too heavily on their critical and I’ve seen them get upset when the boss blocks and they don’t do the damage they want. Personally, I never focused on critical ratings. Too many bosses block it so I focus on higher damage output.

Thoughts and tips: My recommendation is don’t worry about critical so much! As you move up in difficulty, bosses are more likely to block your critical, making it useless. Invest in higher outgoing damage instead. Equip gear and pets that will help you do devastating damage.

If you become the hitter of the team, don’t focus on building up so many blades. You waste more time when you’re trying to overkill the boss. In many dungeons try to hit hard and hit quickly. Work with your team so that they are blading you while you build up your pips to Glowbugs or Siren. Of all the schools, Storm is the one that truly requires perfect accuracy and power pips.

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (14)

Finally, recognize when someone else may be the better option for hitting. For example, if you’re going up against a Storm boss, you could either use prisms or help that Pyromancer get a cool hit off. I know that it may go against the nature of many Storm wizards but it’s important to recognize strengths and weaknesses. If the Fire wizard is going to do more damage more quickly, then help them.

Final Thoughts

School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (15)

My overall advice when playing these schools is don’t hesitate in playing the role that the game has given you! The beauty of MMORPGs is the diversity that comes out of multiple classes. You don’t need that big hit to be a major contributor to the duel. Have fun with your roles! Take them and add your personal touch to them.

What do you think the roles are of each school?
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School Roles: The Good and Bad - Final Bastion (2024)


What is the best school in Wizard101? ›

If you're talking about BEST school, not under damage, i would have to pick Ice, Balance, Storm, and Life. Those are the best schools with the best abilities.

Where is the best place to farm spellements in Wizard101? ›

Spellements will be found on bosses at the end of each area in the World, and the bosses have a 100% chance of giving you Spellements, so that's the best way to know if you're in the right place. Bosses will be dropping Spellements from their triad (Elemental or Spiritual), and Balance Spellements drop from all.

How many spellements do you need to unlock a spell in Wizard101? ›

To upgrade a spell, you'll need to collect enough of it's Spellemental reagent. The tiers for upgrading cost 35 to unlock the base spell, then go 75, 115, 190, and finally 305. In total, it costs you 720 Spellements to fully unlock a spell you haven't already trained.

What is there to do in Wizard101? ›

Discover a Magical World

It's all about you and your choices. As you progress, you will enjoy lots of other activities such as dueling against other Wizards, playing challenging mini games in the Wizard City Mini Game Fairegrounds, and even using different dyes to change the colors of your clothes.

What is the easiest school in Wizard101? ›

You probably already know that death is by far the easiest school to solo as. This is because of death's drain spells. They keep you alive and deal damage at the same time, so if you time your hits correctly you will almost never die. Death also has good resist, health, etc, so staying alive isn't a problem.

What is the longest world in Wizard101? ›

Statistically, Khrysalis (world after Azteca) is currently the longest world within the entire spiral with over 100 quests to do. This is because it was the first world to be separated within two sections, with each section being released in separate updates.

What is the best boss to farm for money in wizard101? ›

You may eventually find yourself in a dire situation. You won't have any gold and you'll still need to wait a few days for garden drops. Some of the best farming bosses are Halfang and Asrik from Vestrilund, Grizzleheim. They have quite low HP and you'll often find other wizards farming them too.

Does Loremaster drop spellements? ›

Note: Most of Loremaster's Spell and Spellement drops have been removed as per the Summer 2022 Update Notes here: The Loremaster is a minor cheating Boss in Dragonspyre. While she used to drop multiple permanent Spells, she now only drops the Headless Horseman Spell during the Hallowe'en event.

Where is the best place to farm diamonds in wizard101? ›

Re: Need help getting diamonds

Your best bet is the Athenum. There is often 3 deposits of ore located there. You also mentioned the other strategies of looking in the Bazaar and transmuting them. It will take some time, but you can do it.

What is the longest Wizard101 spell? ›

Call of Khrulhu takes a full minute and twenty seconds to play out against an entire complement of four enemies.

Can I reset spellements? ›

Yes, but with an asterisk. You can't unlearn a spell, so you won't be refunded the first 35 spellements that it took to learn the spell in the first place. It also costs crowns to refund your spellements (I think it's like, 100 crowns, so not a lot, but yeah).

What boss drops ship of fools spellements? ›

Hey there, to get this spell you can either defeat Drowned Dan and get the Spellements required to unlock the spell, orrrrrrrr, you can open the Celestian Spellemental Pack.

When did Wizard101 shut down? ›

Development history
LocationRelease dateStatus
North AmericaSeptember 2, 2008Active
Europe (Gameforge)February 15, 2011Closed May 16, 2022
Europe (KingsIsle)May 16, 2022Active
TaiwanApril 27, 2012Closed October 15, 2015
1 more row

Is Wizard101 safe for kids? ›

Everyone 10+

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has given Wizard101 a Rating of "E10+". For more information about this rating, please visit the ESRB Ratings Guide.

What is the best type of wizard in Wizard101? ›

Ice is pro because they have highest health and resistance, so they can go forever without dying. If you've ever looked at the high scores for PvP, like over half of them on the first five pages are Ice wizards.

Why ice is the best school Wizard101? ›

Ice is meant to last a long time in battle; your health is higher than any other school. Storm fizzles the most, has the least health which is why they have the 'bonus' of spells that do higher damage. You need to learn how to play each school. Each one is different.

Which of these is the most powerful in Wizard101? ›

  • Storm has the highest damage. They also get Tempest, which is the most useful AoE in the game as you can use it with any amount of pips. ...
  • Fire has the second highest damage, but it is mostly split into DoTs. DoTs take multiple rounds, and work very poorly with traps. ...
  • Death has the lowest damage of the three, barely.
Aug 6, 2023


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