'Messy': Internet says as 'RHONJ' star Margaret claims Luis put Teresa Giudice in financial crisis (2024)

Margaret Josephs claimed that Teresa Giudice's husband Luis Ruelas ‘pissed her money away’ in ‘RHONJ’ Season 14 trailer

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY: The highly anticipated trailer for Season 14 of 'RHONJ' gives viewers a glimpse into Teresa Giudice's overwhelming financial struggles and the strain it puts on her life.

The spotlight appears to be on Teresa and her marital issues with Luis 'Louie' Ruelas, hinting at potential drama and tension in the upcoming season of the popular reality show. Teresa's personal and financial troubles seem to be front and center, promising an emotional and intense season ahead for the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey.'

On Wednesday, the official trailer for Season 14 trailer was released, and it certainly did not disappoint. The explosive footage showcased several cast members making shocking accusations against Ruelas, who had tied the knot with Giudice back in August 2022.

These accusations revolved around Ruelas allegedly being responsible for the financial downfall and ruin of Giudice.

During a particular moment in the two-minute trailer, Danielle Cabral expresses to Melissa Gorga, who is Giudice's sister-in-law, that the host of the "Namaste B$tches" podcast, is currently experiencing a great deal of dissatisfaction with her domestic situation.

“Teresa is distraught because in the house there is not a lot of calm,” Cabral says as pictures of Teresa crying pop up on the screen.

In another conversation, Dolores Catania expresses the same feelings as her co-star Jennifer Aydin, stating that every time she engages in a conversation with Giudice, a sense of unease overwhelms her, causing her stomach to churn with anxiety.

“She is not doing great,” Catania adds.

Margaret Josephs is also overheard discussing with her husband, Joe Benigno, how Ruelas' extravagant expenditures have become a significant source of disagreement and tension within their relationship.

“Louie pissed her money away,” Margaret told her husband Joe over the phone.

Soon after, the netizens shared their thoughts on the official trailer of the Bravo's show.

One social media user wrote, "I am worried about how Louie behaves behind closed doors."

Another user chimed in, "This is what happens when Teresa says she's done. This is absolutely awful."

A user went on to say, "We all knew Louie is shady as f*ck."

Followed by a user who penned, "This looks insane."

One comment read, "Messy messy!!! Finally but why is Mellissa back."

Rachel Fuda’s husband John tells Teresa Giudice ‘You’re the poster child for mortgage fraud’

During a scene in the official trailer of 'RHONJ' Season 14, John Fuda, the husband of Rachel Fuda, a new cast member, discusses the couple's financial situation while dining with Ruelas and Giudice.

In the trailer, John refers to Giudice as 'the poster child for mortgage fraud.' This moment adds tension and drama to the show as the group delves into the topic of money and potential controversies.

While leaving the tense dinner, John takes a dig at the pair and yells, "When I need my money laundered I’ll call you!"

'Messy': Internet says as 'RHONJ' star Margaret claims Luis put Teresa Giudice in financial crisis (1)

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas’ marriage hits rough patch in explosive ‘RHONJ’ Season 14 trailer

The marriage of Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas is set to ignite intense discussions and debates in the highly anticipated upcoming season of 'RHONJ.'

A sneak peek into the official trailer of the show reveals a pivotal moment where Ruelas openly communicates with his wife Teresa, expressing his commitment to fostering growth and improvement in their relationship.

“I want it to be better," Luis says before Teresa cuts him and replies, "It’s not going to be better.”

Feeling overwhelmed with frustration, Reulas decides to distance himself from the conversation, while Teresa adamantly declares her unwillingness to discuss the matter further.

The trouble in paradise rumors about Teresa and Luis have been swirling in the air for a while now.

'Messy': Internet says as 'RHONJ' star Margaret claims Luis put Teresa Giudice in financial crisis (2)

'RHONJ’ Season 14 hints at Dolores Catania’s relationship drama with boyfriend Paulie

Dolores Catania has always been known as the mediator among her group of friends, the one who keeps the peace and helps resolve conflicts.

However, as she faces a crucial moment in her relationship with her devoted boyfriend, Paulie, she finds herself at a significant turning point.

In the trailer of the show, the fans can see Paulie as he navigates the finalization of his divorce. On the other hand, Dolores is left wondering if she is truly prepared to take the next step and secure her own happily ever after.

'Messy': Internet says as 'RHONJ' star Margaret claims Luis put Teresa Giudice in financial crisis (3)

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 14 airs May 5, 2024, on Bravo.

'Messy': Internet says as 'RHONJ' star Margaret claims Luis put Teresa Giudice in financial crisis (2024)


How much does Melissa Gorga make per season? ›

Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga Getting Teresa Giudice's Old Salary For 'RHONJ' Next Season" and revealed that Melissa was newly making $750,000.

Who is the richest housewife in New Jersey? ›

Jennifer Aydin's Net Worth: $11 million

Along with her abilities to stir up drama on the Bravo show, she showed off her entrepreneurial skills by launching the Ultimate Beauty Pillow in 2021, an aid to help those recovering from facial and cosmetic procedures.

Are Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs still friends? ›

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member addressed the yearslong feud during a recent appearance on Access Hollywood's Housewives Nightcap, claiming Teresa was not the woman she met many years ago. “She means nothing in my life. She really means nothing in my life,” Margaret said. “She was humble, sweet, and kind.

Did Louis call Margaret's son? ›

Margaret Josephs was besties with Jenn Fessler. During the Season 13 reunion, Margaret called out Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice's new hubby, for investigating her. She accused Luis of calling her son, who has remained private and off RHONJ, and threatening him. Luis denied any knowledge of the call.

Who is the highest paid housewife on Bravo? ›

NeNe Leakes: By the time season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta rolled around, NeNe was reportedly making $2.85 million per season—making her the highest paid Housewife!

How much did Joe Gorga sell his house for? ›

RHONJ's Melissa & Joe Gorga Sell NJ Mansion for $2.5M After Major Price Cut: 'New Beginnings' Melissa and Joe Gorga are officially parting ways with their Montville, New Jersey, mansion — and it's a bittersweet goodbye.

How is Margaret Josephs so rich? ›

She became a stay-at-home mom in 1996, but wound up starting a business in 1999. Josephs spun decoupaging buckets from Home Depot into a million-dollar business. Read on to learn all about Margaret Josephs, her business, her lawsuits, net worth and her role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Did Louie spend all of Theresa's money? ›

In the trailer, Margaret can be heard talking to her husband over the phone, commenting on Louie and Teresa and sharing: "He pissed her money away." Teresa told Tori on the podcast that these claims are bogus.

How does Dolores Catania make her money? ›

Career. Prior to joining the Housewives, Dolores had been employed as a waitress, shampoo girl, corrections officer, realtor, and surgical assistant. She actively owns a fitness franchise and flips houses with her ex-husband.

Are Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice friends? ›

She doesn't hang out with any of us [or] any of our friends," Teresa added. "I don't even know who she hangs out with." The Jersey ladies were both at BravoCon 2022, but Teresa said that the last time she really spent time with Caroline was when they teamed up to film a Super Bowl commercial together in 2020.

Are Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider friends? ›

Jackie Goldschneider seems to be doing no favors by befriending The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG Teresa Giudice. Their sudden friendship shocked fans and even some of the housewives, given their disagreements in the past.

How did Melissa Gorga get rich? ›

Along with being a reality TV star, author, interior designer, and singer, Melissa is also known as a savvy businesswoman. She launched her clothing line called Envy by Melissa Gorga, which offers any piece of clothing a shopper might be after.

Are Jenn Fessler and Margaret still friends? ›

Jenn's friendship with Margaret, however, did survive the season, and she makes it known: that friendship stands on its own. She maintains their bond is "deep" and the two remain "very, very close." "I have not gotten to that point with Teresa," she says.

Who is Louie's son on Housewives of New Jersey? ›

How old is Louie Ruelas' son, Nicholas? Teresa took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, May 4, where she shared videos taken from Nicholas' 23rd birthday celebration outside of a restaurant. In the video, Louie's other son, Louie Jr., lit the candles on Nicholas' cake.

Does Margaret Joseph have a biological son? ›

Margaret gave birth to her son in 1996, making him 26 in the year 2022. Margaret told Wendy during the interview: Everybody knows 25, 30 percent of my life. I have a natural-born son people don't know about.

How much does Teresa get paid per season? ›

Teresa reportedly earns $1.1 million per season, earning her spot as one of the highest paid Real Housewives in the franchise. TELL US – WHAT DO YOU THINK IS A FAIR AMOUNT TO PAY REAL HOUSEWIVES CAST PER SEASON? DOES THE SALARY SEEM FAIR FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE?

How much does Joe Gorga make? ›

Joe Gorga, a prominent figure in reality TV, has amassed a net worth of approximately $3 million as of 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth, a figure that reflects his success in both the entertainment and real estate industries.

How much is Melissa Gorga new house worth? ›

The living room. One of seven bedrooms. One of five bathrooms. Melissa and Joe Gorga's new family home was purchased for $950,000 in June.


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