Melissa Gorga Reacts to Teresa Giudice’s Housewarming Gift for Joe: “Thank God…” | Bravo TV Official Site (2024)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga swiftly rejected any gift that might have come from her sister-in-law and her husband.

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In a preview for Season 14, Episode 7, Melissa welcomed Rachel Fuda to her and Joe Gorga’s housewarming party. Rachel told Melissa that she and John Fuda met with Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas — as seen in Episode 6 — in an attempt to find peace, especially after Teresa called John “the biggest drug dealer in Bergen County” in the season premiere.

Things didn’t go so well, especially as Teresa once again called John a drug dealer after he called Teresa “the poster child for mortgage fraud.” However, before there were shots fired, there was one shocking moment in particular in which Teresa asked the Fudas to bring a bottle of liquor to Joe for the housewarming party.

“When I was walking out, I looked at it and was like, ‘I’m not taking that sh-t,’” Rachel told Melissa. “’Go f-cking throw it in the pool or the woods, they don’t want it.’”

Would Melissa have accepted the gift from Teresa?

Melissa flat-out told Rachel that Joe wouldn’t have accepted the gift.

“Thank god Rachel did not bring that bottle to my house. I don’t want anything to do with anything they wanna gift me,” Melissa told producers. “It probably has an air tag in it. It’s probably bugged. Like, I don’t even want that karma or bottle or gift in my home.”

Of course, anyone familiar with the Housewives from the Garden State is well aware that the sisters-in-law have feuded for years.

Rachel gave her side of the story about the Episode 6 face-off, saying the conversation only lasted “maybe nine minutes.”

“She goes to John, ‘You know, I’m sorry if I said that you were a drug dealer, like, if I said that...’” Rachel told Melissa. “No, no, you did, and you need to sit here and say, ‘I am so sorry that I did that to you. I should have never said that without knowing the whole story.’”

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At the showdown, John admitted to dealing marijuana when he was still a teenager, although he insisted that life was far behind him. Throughout Season 14, Teresa said she didn’t believe he was a drug dealer at present time and credited him for being a good father and businessman.

Still, John found Teresa’s mea culpa to be inauthentic.

Melissa Gorga Reacts to Teresa Giudice’s Housewarming Gift for Joe: “Thank God…” | Bravo TV Official Site (2)

Teresa posts a photo of herself, Louie, and Nicholas on June 19, 2023 to Instagram. Photo: Teresa Giudice/Instagram

“Louie said nothing,” Rachel emphasized to Melissa. “He said nothing.”

Rachel said Louie only spoke once, and that was to tell his wife, “Teresa, stop talking,” so they could hear John’s side of things.

Of course, the fight ended in hand-over-fist insults and the Fudas abruptly waking away, leaving Teresa’s housewarming gift behind.

Did Teresa’s gift make it to the housewarming party?

Plot twist! The bottle of liquor made its way to the Gorgas’ digs when Dolores Catania arrived with it in her arms, as seen in the recent preview. The blue case even came with a bow and a card from Teresa.

Dolores and Paulie Connell walked together to the new home, which Dolores marveled was “super f-cking nice.”

“This is unbelievable,” Dolores told Paulie as they entered the house, greeted by servers with drinks. “This is beautiful!”

The couple walked in as Melissa and Rachel still discussed the Episode 6 drama. If Rachel’s expression was any indication, she recognized the gift right away, asking Dolores where she got it.

“I am shooketh,” Rachel said in her confessional.

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Melissa Gorga Reacts to Teresa Giudice’s Housewarming Gift for Joe: “Thank God…” | Bravo TV Official Site (2024)


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