List of 10 Most-Read romance books of all time (2024)

List of 10 Most-Read romance books of all time (1)

We have compiled you a List of 10 Most-Read romance books of all timeon MoboReader. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the genre, there's a billionaire romance novel waiting for you.


👉📕1. Remedy For Love

👉📕2. The Devilish CEO and His Crazy Secretary

👉📕3. Divorced Barren Mother Gives Birth To Six Babies

👉📕4. Love Temptation Let Me Be Your Slave

👉📕5. My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?!

👉📕6. The Girl Come Back Is Super

👉📕7. Spoiled Ex Wife Daddy Mommy Ran Away Again

👉📕8. Finding My Soulmate

👉📕9. Blinded By Love Want You Only And Forever

👉📕10. Love's Second Design

The books feature a selection of MoboReader's top romance bestsellers, incisive reviews of romance lovers' ten favorite romance novels, and respected works from the past decade. Each book has received at least a 4-star rating from at least 75 readers.

1. Remedy For Love

Author: Sophy James

Remedy For Love Legally, she had been his wife for three years, but their marriage was kept as a secret in public. He spent money on her lavishly and she lived a luxurious life. Things changed when a super male model showed interest in her. And that's when her first boyfriend returned. Her husband said that she could find a boyfriend, which didn't really surprise her. After all, there would be nothing between them after the divorce. However, going against his words, he showed up around everywhere, every time, and tried every means to prevent her from finding a boyfriend. She was totally confused! What was wrong with him? What on earth did this man want from her? Read Now

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Chapter 1 Third Anniversary

It was an especially warm night in Ye City.

Malcolm Quan drove through the neighborhood, passing through all the other familiar trees and houses. Finally, he arrived at his apartment. Getting off the car, Malcolm went up to the door and pressed his finger on the scanner. The door then opened with a slight beep and click. Much to his disappointment, he saw the bright hall was empty. "Poppi?" he called out.

There was no answer. 'Where did you go?'

After closing the door behind him, he put the documents in his hand on the sofa and went upstairs to the bedroom.

"Poppi?" he shouted once more. "Where are you?" When Malcolm Quan had reached the bedroom, he saw that there were clothes of a woman strewn across the bed, and heard the sound of running water in the bathroom.

Splish, splash! Splish, splash!

Just then, he faintly heard the voice of a woman coming through the crack of the bathroom door. Shortly afterwards, the person inside had turned the water off. Malcolm Quan looked in the direction of the bathroom reflexively. The door was only opened by a couple of inches. Nevertheless, he could easily see the perfect, curvy figure inside.

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2. The Devilish CEO and His Crazy Secretary

Author: I-pen

The Devilish CEO and His Crazy Secretary Tyler Smith is a quiet and withdrawn individual who makes every effort to live a simple, quiet and easy going life. Even though he has dated quite a few women, he always avoids relationships and women that are crazy. However, an incident get him entangled with his personal secretary Linda Martins. Even though he has known her for a long time, he was unaware of her wild, sarcastic, chatty, crazy, and loud personality. And that's when his meticulously ordered and well-balanced existence suddenly changes.Will this change be for the better or for the worst? Will he regret his reckless decision or will he rejoice it forever? Let's see how this crazy woman snatches his peace and shows him how crazy and bombastic this world can be. Let's see what happens when the silent and reserved one gets himself entangled with the crazy and loud one. Read Now

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Chapter 1 1

Linda Martins POV

"Miss Martins, come into my office, now!!." I heard my boss, Tyler Smith, echoed through the bustling office.

Despite me throwing colorful curses his way, I quickly made my way to his office. "Miss Martins, I need the report on this month's car accessory sales. Also, ask the accounts department to send me the file on accounts. Schedule a meeting with Mr. William for the day after tomorrow." He continued giving me instructions without even looking at me. How rude, I thought to myself

"And have you arranged for my dinner meeting?"

"Yes, sir," I replied, still cursing him in my mind.

"Ensure the document brief is completed before the end of the work hours. You may leave now." He said without a speck of humility.

"Okay, sir." I nodded, already dreading the workload he had just thrown my way

I left the office and headed straight to the bathroom, where upon entering I locked the door and screamed in frustration in face front of the mirror. I looked my face and could not believe what I was seeing, my once happy, colourful face has now become tired and colourless and it is all thanks to one person, the great Tyler Smith.

I was so frustrated to the extent that I slammed my hands on the counter, however it only hurt me, which in return annoyed me because of the futility of my action.

As I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, it seemed to mock me for the predicament I found myself in. I asked myself why I had chosen to work with this human-machine that does not seem to possess any emotion.

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3. Divorced Barren Mother Gives Birth To Six Babies

Author: Author Feathers

Divorced Barren Mother Gives Birth To Six Babies Amy didn't expect that her husband whom she had loved and trusted earnestly for many years would be cheating on her by having sex with his secretary. When she confronted him, he and his secretary mocked and ridiculed her, they called her barren to her face, afterall, she had not conceived for the past three years that she had been married to her husband, Callan. Terribly Heartbroken, she filed for divorce and left to the club, she picked a random gigolo, had a hot one night stand with him, paid him and dissapeared to a small city. She came back to the country six years later with three identical cute boys and three identical cute girls of the same age. She settled and got a job but soon find out that her CEO was the gigolo she had sex with six years back at the club. Will she be able to hide her six little cuties from her CEO, who happens to be the most powerful man in NorthHill and beleived to be infertile? Can Amy and the most powerful man in NorthHill get along considering the social gap between them. Read Now

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Chapter 1 Walking Away From Pain

Amy was busy with her laptop when her phone suddenly chirped, she almost ignored cause of how engrossed she was but decided to take a look at the screen of the phone at a time when the call was almost coming to an end.

Seeing that the caller ID was her husband's secretary, Joan, she picked up the phone quickly as she wondered why she must have called him. She only saved Joan's number cause she's her husband's secretary and on days when she may not be able to reach her husband, Callan, at work, she would simply call Joan to pass the phone to him.

But this time was the first time that Joan would be placing a call across to her. She answered the call as she placed the phone gently on her ear, but the filthy sounds she heard left her flabbergasted and troubled.

She had to look at the screen of the phone again to be sure that it was Joan that pulled a call across, she placed the phone on her ear again and heard the same filthy sounds, they were hard and loud moans that depicts clearly that someone was having a heavy round of sex with her.

With the few times that Amy had spoken to Joan, she recognized her voice and she knew that the moans was definitely that of Joan. Did she mistakenly dialed her number during her intimate session with her boyfriend? Amy thought it could be a mistake so she wanted to hung the call up but what Amy heard next made her head almost fall off her neck.

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4. Love Temptation Let Me Be Your Slave

Author: Marne-Golzio

Love Temptation: Let Me Be Your Slave The boldest thing Angela had ever done in her life was to secretly conceive Jeremy's child despite knowing that she was just a plaything.Jeremy was a vicious man. She knew he would rage if he found out about the pregnancy. To gain freedom, she intentionally annoyed him until he couldn't take it anymore.As soon as he "dumped" her, she ran away for her baby's safety. It wasn't long before Jeremy smelled something fishy. He tracked her down and brought her back.Angela was scared and also tired of him. After all her tricks to make him release her failed, she yelled, "Can't you just leave me alone? I don't want to serve you anymore!"A warm glint leaped into Jeremy's eyes as he looked at the baby in her arms. "Who said anything about you serving me? Since you have been good to me in the past, I'd like to do the same. What do you say to me serving you and our baby from now on?"Angela could hardly believe her ears. Read Now

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Chapter 1 She Had A Big Secret

The day brightened, and the intimate atmosphere in the bedroom slowly dissipated.

After sweeping his gaze past the woman's smooth back, the man got up and went into the bathroom directly.

He took a shower, changed into a silver suit and walked out expressionlessly.

At this moment, his cold behavior was nowhere near that of the lustful man who had spent the night with her yesterday.

Well, he didn't show much enthusiasm on his face too when he was in bed with her last night.

The moment the man got up, Angela Wallace opened her eyes. She had just been pretending to be asleep.

Her throat was dry.

It was not until the man was about to step out of the door that she said in a low voice, "Goodbye, Mr. Carson."

She didn't know if he heard her. He merely stopped for a split second before going downstairs without saying anything.

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5. My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?!

Author: Kaiser Abarca

My Ex-Wife Is Pregnant?! Lenny was the richest man in the capital. He had a wife, but their marriage was loveless. One night, he accidentally had a one night stand with a stranger, so he decided to divorce his wife and look for the girl he slept with. He vowed to marry her. Months after the divorce, he found out that his wife was seven months’ pregnant. Did his wife cheat on him?Scarlet was looking for her husband one night and the two unexpectedly made passionate love. Not knowing what to do, she ran away in a panic, but later found that she was pregnant. Just when she was ready to explain what had happened to her husband, he suddenly asked her for a divorce.Would Lenny ever find out that the strange girl he had slept with was actually his wife? More importantly, would their loveless marriage take a turn for the better—or the worse? Read Now

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Chapter 1 Divorced Her

"I must gather some evidence of Lenny's infidelity today!"

Scarlet Brown clenched and unclenched her hands to relieve some of her anxiety. She fixed her peaked cap, lowered her head to avoid the surveillance cameras, and walked into a fancy club.

Today, she was here to catch her husband cheating on her.

She hadn't seen Lenny Foster since they got married.

In truth, their marriage was meaningless. They didn't love each other, and it was a waste of their time to be together.

Recently, one of Scarlet's good friends abroad told her that she often saw Lenny hanging out with a woman, and he was intimate with her.

After getting that piece of information, Scarlet set out to collect some proof of Lenny's unfaithfulness so that when she divorced him, she would have the upper hand.

From a distance, Scarlet saw a woman take Lenny into a presidential suite. The door was left ajar. Scarlet carefully approached and listened in through the crack. She heard the woman talking to someone on the phone.

"I know. I won't fail this time. I'll install a camera later to record us having sex and then threaten him with the tape..."

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6. The Girl Come Back Is Super

Author: WîzzY library

The Girl Come Back Is Super The daughter of the Swifts, Nikita, who was abducted since childhood, has been found. However, it seems like her parents do not care about her at all, and even the whole family dislikes her. Her biological parents say, "Don't blame us for being partial, we have a deeper relationship with Yvonne." Her biological brother adds, "I have only one sister, her name is Yvonne." Everyone laughs, saying, "The pheasant wants to become a phoenix? Dreaming." In the first week of school, Nikita surprises everyone by winning first place in her grade. One month after starting school, she defeats Yvonne, who had been the campus belle for five consecutive years. Everyone is shocked and wonders, "Who the hell is spreading fake news? She is obviously a goddess." Read Now

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Chapter 1 The Problematic Girl

With white walls and black tiles, it seemed that this house was quite old. There was a rich black off– road vehicle parked outside the three–story building in the countryside.

Outside the small and empty building, it was now surrounded by villagers come for fun.

“Is Nikita, the problematic girl, leaving our Syracuse Village?”

“It should be, I heard that her own parents came to her and wanted to pick her up to live in the city.”

“Well, she should have gone long ago. Whoever live with this scourge will get unlucky and regret it sooner or later!”

A group of people gathered and whispered.

Someone shouted: “Nikita’s coming.”

The group of people who were talking suddenly paused, looked up, and saw a thin white figure slowly coming out of the dark shadow from inside the house.

“The scourge is coming out, run!”

As if seeing something terrible, the crowded villagers are suddenly dispersed.

While running, they looked back, as if they’re afraid that the girl would catch them up.

It’s hot outside, and Damon had been waiting for a long time. He’s impatient and wanted to go into the house. He heard the villagers shout “scourge” or something, and then they all ran away with fear.

Originally noisy place, suddenly became quiet down.

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7. Spoiled Ex Wife Daddy Mommy Ran Away Again

Author: Louie-Joanes

Spoiled Ex-Wife: Daddy, Mommy Ran Away Again "Love finds us in the strangest places."Weldon became a changed man after the death of his wife. He no longer fooled around. Instead, he focused on raising his son. Everyone thought he wouldn't give love another chance.One day, his newly hired family doctor visited him. The doctor was trying to do her job as Weldon continued to stare at her. His stare gave her the creeps and she ended up fleeing away from him.The situation soon spiraled out of their control. Two months later, the family doctor became Weldon's new wife.Everyone around wanted to know how she managed to make him move on from grief and also marry her."Well, it's simple. I promised to give him two more kids as long as he put a ring on my finger."The new bride showed up with two kids who were carbon copies of Weldon. It caused a buzz in town and also generated more questions.Who was this woman? And how did she end up with his children? Read Now

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Chapter 1 Great Love

"Weldon is returning home?"

Everleigh Lewis was pregnant for over eight months. She was in the children's room, neatly folding the new clothes she had recently purchased, when she heard the servants talking about Weldon Harris.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

She wondered if he was returning home because of her pregnancy.

Her insides bubbled with happiness, and her hands trembled. She was ecstatic.

Weldon was the father of her babies.

However, she had only met him once since they got married. He left that night and never returned. Everleigh never saw him again.

"Babies, I know your daddy doesn't like me, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is for him to see you step into this world. I'll be the happiest woman in the world."

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she touched her bulging stomach. Her beautiful face beamed with joy.

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8. Finding My Soulmate

Author: Jane Rose D

Finding My Soulmate Becoming the girlfriend of your secret childhood crush should feel like a dream come true, right ? But that was not the case with Sofia. Instead, she was betrayed by the person in the worst possible way, which turned her life upside down. She was separated from her parents and her biggest support system, her best friend James, who secretly loved her. Unknown to Sofia's sufferings, James went away to save his heart from more pain while Sofia suffered alone for years. When she thought all doors of her escape were closed, James came back to her rescue, but not as an ordinary man, but as a handsome billionaire.Sofia was a broken soul and was on the run from the villain of her life, who was very powerful and influential in his field. When life gave Sofia a second chance, it remains to be seen, how James reunite her with her parents, how will he help her take revenge. What will they do when an illegitimate child is thrown in to the mix ?After facing every hurdle that came their way, an unbelievable truth revealed itself to them. Will this truth tear them apart or bring them even closer ? Will they be able to get their happily ever after ? Read Now

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Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

Sitting on a plush bed in the middle of a grey painted room, my reflection in the black TV on the wall showed a petite girl clad in a skimpy night dress that could barely cover her ass.

A wine bottle sat idly by on the round glass table that was beside the long sofa which was placed to the side of the room.

I stared blankly at the tightly closed door for a while before I heard the familiar sound of the lock opening and two bulky men walked in soon after and left the door open as they stood before me.

"To increase the thrill, you get it?" One of them explained the open door as his eyes wandered all over me with a perverse look in his eyes.

They looked well off, young and handsome, and the watches on their wrists told me they were wealthy too.

I smiled at them as I met their eyes and slowly dragged myself to the edge of the bed with my long legs in front, giving them a full view.

The already short dress rode up at the front, but I quickly stood up after just flashing them a little.

"You are not just beautiful, but also seem to know what you are supposed to do, I like that, a beauty with brains," the other one complemented as his hands loosened the buckle of his belt and he started to undress, with his friend doing the same.

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9. Blinded By Love Want You Only And Forever

Author: Dreaming Girl

Blinded By Love: Want You Only And Forever He came to her rescue when she was in trouble. In that strange city, she spent a wild night with him, a man she just met. After she came back and continued her daily life, she ran into him and found out how powerful he was. They came from two different worlds, but she couldn't help falling for him. However, all their sweet moments were nothing more than a part of his conspiracy. Overwhelmed by desperation, she broke down and left away. But he came to her again. Read Now

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Chapter 1 Surprise

With her suitcase in her hand, Lucia walked into the front yard.

For two weeks, she had been on a business trip. She came back a day earlier than expected and did not tell her boyfriend Jonah about it, because she wanted to surprise him. On her way back, she already texted Jonah and asked what he was doing right now. He replied soon.

He said that he was going to sleep early tonight and would pick her up early tomorrow.

Jonah had been so considerate. Imagining the surprised look on his face, Lucia could not help but hasten her steps with a smile.

Using the key that Jonah had given her before, Lucia opened the door. She left her suitcase in the living room and went straight to his room, but there was no one.

'Wasn't he going to sleep? Why is he not here?' The thought perplexed her.

After searching, she heard a man's gasps and a woman's groans coming from the balcony.

The man's voice sounded a lot like Jonah's. Upon hearing that, Lucia thought that something must be wrong with her ears. However, that was not the case. They had been in a relationship for seven years now. How could he be with another woman?

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10. Love's Second Design

Author: Rising Star

Love's Second Design After three years as a dedicated housewife, Jessica's efforts to save her marriage ended in relentless heartbreak. Resolute, she divorced Aaron. Rising from the ashes, Jessica transformed into a renowned designer and business tycoon, building her empire without relying on her family's wealth. Her success and independence attracted many admirers. With pride, Jessica declared, "I'll never regret my divorce." However, Aaron returned, filled with remorse. "I deeply regret it. Please, my dear ex-wife, let's try again. Let's mend our relationship and remarry." Would Jessica, now empowered and at a crossroads, choose to rekindle love? Read Now

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Chapter 1 The Divorce

"I didn't push Hallie."

For the nth time, Jessica Curtis reiterated to Aaron Morley that she wasn't the one who pushed Hallie Gordon down the stairs.

But Aaron was clearly unconvinced.

"So, what're you saying? That she fell down the stairs on purpose? Jessica, just look at how high this flight of stairs is! Hallie even broke her leg! Do you really think she'd do that on purpose?!"

The more Aaron said, the colder his tone became. "This is your fault. You have to own up to your mistake and apologize to her."

"Apologize?" Jessica echoed in disbelief. Smiling bitterly, she couldn't help but ask, "Is Hallie really that good?"

Jessica and Aaron had been married for three years now.

Three years ago, she had given up on her career to stay at home to take care of Aaron. She got up early to prepare breakfast for him, and she wouldn't go to bed until she had finished cleaning the entire villa. Despite being a housewife, she was busy all day. By the time she'd finally get to lay in bed, sometimes Aaron would come home drunk, and she'd have to get up to whip up some warm soup for him.

Her mother-in-law looked down upon her, and her sister-in-law never took her seriously. The two vicious women tried every means to make things difficult for her, rendering her daily life tortuous.

Still, she endured it all—for Aaron's sake.

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After you finish reading these exciting books, be sure to check out the 'Hot Trends' section on the MoboReader website! You can also explore the billionaire romance novel section to discover more stories of this kind. If your favorite billionaire romantic book is not listed in this list, you can download the MoboReader app to find the books you like. Happy reading!

List of 10 Most-Read  romance books of all time (2024)


What is the most read romance novel of all time? ›

The BestSelling Romance Books of All Time
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. ...
  • Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. ...
  • Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas. ...
  • The Long Road Home by Danielle Steel. ...
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. ...
  • Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz. ...
  • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. ...
  • The Windflower by Laura London.
Dec 15, 2023

What is the greatest romance of all time? ›

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Arguably the greatest romance novel of all time, Austen's Pride and Prejudice follows the opinionated heroine Elizabeth Bennet as she frequently finds herself at odds with her beau, the uptight Mr. Darcy.

What is the highest grossing romance novel? ›

Fifty Shades of Gray by E. L. James (2011–2021) is the best-selling romance novel series of all time, reaching over 150 million copies sold. Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen (1813) came in second with over 120 million copies sold.

Who is the #1 romance author? ›

Nora Roberts is one of the most famous romance authors in the world. She has written over 200 novels, including paranormal and romantic suspense series like “The Key Trilogy” and “The Bride Quartet.” She has won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award.

Which is the best romantic novel to read? ›

Romance Books Everyone Should Read
  • Pride and Prejudice. by Jane Austen, Anna Quindlen (Introduction) ...
  • The Fault in Our Stars. ...
  • Jane Eyre. ...
  • Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) ...
  • Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) ...
  • Outlander (Outlander, #1) ...
  • Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) ...
  • Gabriel's Inferno (Gabriel's Inferno, #1)

What is the world's best love story? ›

'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare. Perhaps the most famous love story of all time, the ill-fated romance between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet in Verona has been captivating readers for over four centuries.

Who is known as King of Romance? ›

Today, as we celebrate Shah Rukh Khan's reign as the 'King of Romance,' let's not forget the original charmer, Gemini Ganesan.

What is the highest grossing love story of all time? ›

1 'Titanic' (1997)

What is the most popular type of romance novel? ›

Subgenre% of market
Historical romance17%
Contemporary romance16%
Paranormal romance9%
Romantic suspense7%
3 more rows

Who reads the most romance? ›

82% of romance readers are women, and 18% are men. 45% of romance readers have a college degree.

Who has written the most romantic novels? ›

Quick Answer for Those Searching for Best Romance Writers:
  • Nora Roberts.
  • Jasmine Guillory.
  • Diana Gabaldon.
  • Jane Austen.
  • Barbara Cartland.
  • Nicholas Sparks.
  • Julia Quinn.
  • Tessa Dare.

Who is the best romance writer today? ›

The 25 Best Romance Authors (And Their Most Swoonworthy Reads)
  • Julia Quinn. ...
  • Alisha Rai. ...
  • Alexa Riley. ...
  • Nora Roberts. ...
  • Nalini Singh. ...
  • Susan Stoker. ...
  • Lauren Willig. The final historical romancer on our list, Lauren Willig has been writing since 2005. ...
  • Zane. We'll round off this list with some good old-fashioned…
Mar 19, 2024

What books are similar to 50 Shades of Grey? ›

Which book is read the most of all time? ›

With over 5 billion copies sold and distributed, the Bible takes the top spot as the most read and widely distributed book in the world.

Who reads the most romance novels? ›

Who is the romance reader?
  • Female: 82%
  • Male: 18%
  • Average age of the romance reader: 35–39 years old.
  • Ethnicity: 73% White/Caucasian, 12% Black/African American, 7% Latino/Hispanic, and 4% Asian/Asian American.

Who writes the best steamy romance novels? ›

Authors Beverly Jenkins, Jasmine Guillory, and Ali Hazelwood are renowned for steamy love stories that bring butterflies to readers everywhere.


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