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Locations > United States > Iowa > Des Moines 310 > Lessons

Music Lessons at Guitar Center Des Moines

Learning an instrument provides many benefits aside from gaining a new skill. It relieves stress, builds confidence and cultivates creativity. There is no better place to develop and hone your musical skills than music lessons at Guitar Center Des Moines

Whether you’ve never picked up an instrument before, or you’ve been playing for years and are looking to perfect your talent, Guitar Center offers the best music lessons near you for all skill levels. Our talented and experienced instructors come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and are able to offer lessons for many different instruments. Some of our most popular music lessons in Des Moines include guitar, bass , drums, piano and vocal lessons.

Pickup & Play

At Guitar Center, we offer not only the best guitar lessons near you, but we also have music lessons in bass guitar, drums, piano, vocals, music producing and more. Whatever sound you are looking for, our professional instructors are ready to help you discover your groove. Take a look below at some of our favorite instruments and most popular lessons available at Guitar Center Des Moines.

Guitar Center West Des Moines Musical Instrument Lessons (5)


Build finger strength and coordination, master chords, understand strum patterns and learn to find your unique sound with our guitar lessons. You’ll set the tone and define the attitude of the music.

Guitar Center West Des Moines Musical Instrument Lessons (6)


Learn to play the bass guitar from our expert instructors. The bass is the heart and soul of music - hone the craft and essence of what it takes to be a bass player with professional bass lessons at Guitar Center Des Moines.

Guitar Center West Des Moines Musical Instrument Lessons (7)


Drummers control the groove and energy of every song and performance. Discover the beat within you and learn what it takes to lead a band with our drum lessons.

Guitar Center West Des Moines Musical Instrument Lessons (8)


Explore melodies and chords to help you build emotional power. You’ll have more range at your fingertips than with any other instrument.

Guitar Center West Des Moines Musical Instrument Lessons (9)


Learn proper techniques and build self-confidence to be center stage. As a singer, you'll be a storyteller, and the bridge between the band and the audience. For the time being, vocal instruction will only be available via online lessons.

Guitar Center West Des Moines Musical Instrument Lessons (10)

DJ And More ...

We also offer lessons on DJing, brass & woodwind instruments, music production and songwriting. Call 866-761-0244 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at my first lesson?

Each instructor customizes lessons to ensure you are learning what you like and having fun. Your instructor will start you slowly, introducing new concepts each week, plus give you exercises or easy songs to play to keep you learning at home.

What are the benefits of playing music?

Learning an instrument is an enriching and rewarding experience that creates lifelong benefits, including increased self-esteem and the boosting of memory. Additionally, benefits for school-age individuals can include improved coordination, the expanding of social skills, and higher scores in math, reading and language.

What is the difference between a 30-minute and a 60-minute lesson?

30-minute lessons allow young or beginner students to learn the basics of the instrument and start playing songs. 60-minute lessons are ideal for more advanced students looking to progress faster and focus on the finer points of technique.

How much time will my child need to practice between lessons?

This varies by age and the type of goals the student has set out to achieve. However, most new students usually spend 15–30 min. practicing daily, while advanced students can practice for an hour or more each day in between lessons.

What is Guitar Center's curriculum?

Our flexible curriculum allows students of all skill levels to experience growth. We help create a foundational understanding of music theory through the style of music you want to play. Our instructors will work to understand your goals and passions, and make sure you are on the path to learning what you want at your own speed.

How will I be assigned an instructor?

Our Lessons staff will work with you to determine your current skill level, stylistic interest and ambitions. We'll then help you choose an instructor who best suits your style and goals. If at any point, you'd like to change instructors, let us know. Our weekly monitoring of progress and wide-ranging curriculum means you can switch to any of our qualified instructors, or another instrument, without missing a beat.

Guitar Center West Des Moines Musical Instrument Lessons (2024)


How many lessons do you need to get good at guitar? ›

So to answer the question, how long does it take to learn the guitar – you can learn a simple song in 30 minutes, but it can take you 2 -3 years to get to a decent intermediate level, 5 years to get really good with what you have learned and 10 years to jump to a more pro level.

Are instrument lessons worth it? ›

Music teaches children a good work ethic because they see the value of practice as they improve and reach new achievements. Students will learn how dedication creates good results, while failing to do all the necessary practice results in mediocre results. These lessons carry into school studies and future employment.

What is the best string instrument to learn? ›

Similarly to violin, cello is one of the best strings instruments for beginners. Although significantly larger than the violin, the cello is still relatively easy for beginners to handle and teaches the basics of strings technique.

What is the easiest instrument to learn for seniors? ›

If you're looking for an easy instrument to learn, any of these options fit the bill:
  • HARMONICA. One of the easiest instruments you can try, which is also very popular in a variety of styles, is the harmonica. ...
  • GUITAR. ...
  • UKULELE. ...
  • KEYBOARD. ...
  • DRUMS.
Dec 6, 2023

What is the #1 hardest instrument to learn? ›

1. Violin. The violin is a wooden stringed instrument that's part of a larger family of similar instruments. It's the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in its family and normally has four strings, although some violins can have five.

What age is too late to learn an instrument? ›

Monitoring a group of over-60 year-olds taking up music lessons saw gains in memory planning ability, and other cognitive functions, compared with those who had not received lessons. So the answer is, it's never too late to start learning to play a musical instrument.

How long does it take the average person to learn an instrument? ›

Most students need at least a couple of years of weekly music lessons just to get to an early intermediate level of competency, but there are many things to consider when trying to determine the length of time it could take to master an instrument, including the student's age, the pace at which they learn, the type of ...

Is it harder to learn an instrument as you get older? ›

Definitely not. There's no age limit to learning an instrument because the human brain is a highly adaptive organ that can form neuroconnections throughout one's life.

What instrument should you learn first? ›

Piano as a first instrument helps musicians develop timing and establish an ear for musical notes, octaves, and tones. Keyboards tend to be easier because they are relatively lightweight and can be moved more simply than a full-sized piano.

What is the most popular musical instrument to learn? ›

No doubt piano is one of the most popular musical instruments that has attracted many individuals around the world.

What is the best instrument to learn as an adult? ›

Some easy musical instruments to learn are the ukulele, harmonica, bongos, piano, and glockenspiel. Learning these instruments as an adult will be straightforward and accessible, and we've included step-by-step tips for each below.

Which musical instrument is best for beginners? ›

Top 10 Easiest Instruments for Beginners!
  • Harmonica.
  • Bongo Drum.
  • Ukulele.
  • Violin.
  • Flute.
  • Clarinet.
  • Piano.
  • Guitar.
Apr 13, 2022

What is the least hardest instrument to learn? ›

Easiest musical instruments to learn
  • Ukulele. Affordable, lightweight, yet robust, with only four strings (as opposed to the guitar's six), the ukulele is perhaps the easiest of the string instruments. ...
  • Guitar. ...
  • Recorder. ...
  • Harmonica.
Dec 22, 2023

Is piano harder than guitar? ›

Although many feel it takes longer to master, the piano is a bit easier to actually play. If we look at the technical differences, the theory that goes into mastering both is quite different. The structure of a piano is quite logical, as is the sheet music.

What is the best musical instrument for the brain? ›

Playing the piano or keyboard appeared to be of most value for brain cognition. Brass and woodwind instruments were good for brain cognition (but not better than the piano). Simply listening to music did not help cognitive health.


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