Financial Aid assistant director (2024)

Financial Aid officer/assistant director

Full-time/12-month work agreement

The following statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified.

The financial aid officer/assistant director of financial aid assists the director of financial aid in administering all aspects of student financial aid at Bluffton University including all federal, state and institutional grants, scholarships, loans and student work programs. The sucessful candidate must maintain a comprehensive knowledge of federal, state and institutional financial aid programs and their regulations, policies and procedures.


Financial aid offers

  • Package and update awards for all continuing, traditional students after spring registration and any other new/prospective student as necessary
  • Operate daily FAFSA/ISIR uploads to PowerFAIDS and initial processing of ISIRs for packaging.
  • Counsel students and families concerning financial aid processes and scholarship information.
  • Packaging and updating financial aid for AGS students (adult programs).
  • Create and maintain student records and filing system

Financial aid program responsibilities

  • Administer endowed scholarships
  • Administer OFIC scholarships
  • Conduct all verifications of federally selected FAFSA filers and maintain tracking and corrections for these records. Ensure compliance with federal and institutional verification policies. Resolve all issues of conflicting information. Complete verification of non-federally selected FAFSA filers for all those who file for special circ*mstances.
  • Counsel students and families concerning financial aid and the financial aid process
  • Assist with or conduct financial aid presentations/workshops
  • Plan, develop, implement and maintain the writing of the financial aid policies and procedures manual following the outline from NASFAA
  • Oversee record retention rules and procedures for federal compliance
  • Monthly reconciliation of Federal grant/loan programs (Direct loans, Pell, TEACH).
  • Certification and processing of private education loans
  • Certification and processing of federal direct student and parent loans.
  • Disbursing aid to student accounts/reconciling financial aid and student accounts.
  • Financial aid revisions/calculations of withdrawn students (institutional and Federal requirements)
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) monitoring and communicating with students.
    14. State Grant reporting and reconciliation (OCOG, War Orphans, National Guard, Choose Ohio First, etc.)
  • Monitor and administer renewal GPA requirements for Bluffton’s scholarship programs


  • Assist with institutional research or surveys as needed or assigned.
  • Oversee special projects as assigned.
  • Represent Bluffton University at professional meetings.
  • Serve as acting director of financial aid in the absence of the director
  • Perform any other task as needed or assigned.



  • Education/Certification: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred
  • Experience: 2-3 years experience in financial aid or related field
  • Skills: Knowledge of computer systems: MS Word and Excel, ACCESS, PC network environment, data base systems/CRMs, integrated software applications; knowledge of federal, state, institutional financial aid programs, their regulations, policies and procedures; willingness to attend special training.
  • Special Abilities: Ability to work effectively and positively with students and families on sensitive financial concerns; ability to demonstrate commitment to exceptional customer service; demonstrable skills in administration, management and information technology; must maintain the privacy of sensitive or confidential information at all times; attention to detail and strong organizational skills; strong interpersonal skills; strong written and oral communication skills; quick learner and able to work under tight time constraints.
  • Diversity & Faith Commitment: Bluffton University expects all employees to show respect in the workplace and not to base business decisions on race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other status protected by law. As a religious institution, Bluffton University welcomes its faculty and staff and encourages respectful consideration of the Christian faith which is consistent with the Mennonite/Anabaptist beliefs of the university’s founding and supporting church.

The physical demands and/or work environment encountered by the employee while performing the essential responsibilities of this job must be met with or without reasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations will be considered and implemented when possible to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential responsibilities of this position. Secondary responsibilities may be removed when needed as an accommodation strategy. Typical office conditions. Must occasionally lift and/or move up to 10 pounds.

Applications are considered complete when the following materials arereceived at the office indicated below:

  • Letter of interest
  • Resume
  • Completed Blufftonemployment application

Please submit your cover letter, resume and employment application by email

Review of applications will begin immediately.

Employment decisions are based on merit and university needs, and not on race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other status protected by law. As a religious institution, Bluffton University expressly reserves its rights to appoint faculty and staff who share a commitment to the Christian faith which is consistent with the Mennonite/Anabaptist beliefs of the university’s founding and supporting church. EOE.

Financial Aid assistant director (2024)


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