Emotional Support Werewolf - Chapter 26 - CelticWolf55, Sicurius (2024)

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--- ES ---

For the briefest of moments, Enid allowed herself to hope that this would not be as bad as she’d feared. That moment did not last very long. Her mother, clearly having seen Enid kissing Wednesday, narrowed her eyes.

“Get over here, Enid. Really. I had thought you were done embarrassing the family, but of course not,” she stated curtly. Clearly expecting the situation to escalate, everyone present, other than her friends, froze and then shrunk into themselves.

“Mum, come on -” Ethan tried to interject, only to be cut off.

“Silence, Ethan. Your sister clearly needs to reassess her priorities. It seems I’ve arrived just in time”, the greying wolf replied. Enid glared flatly at her. Arrived just in time? Where was she, when Enid was being bullied, all these years? When she pleaded with her for help? For support? Nowhere. Now, when Enid had no need of her, and didn’t want her, was when she chose to show up and pretend that she had her best interests at heart? The blonde wolf could feel her rage rising. It was incredibly unfair.

Wednesday, knowing full well her rising ire, rose from her seat. Somehow they were already holding hands, fingers entwined, and her raven met her eyes, easily conveying her message. It was time to deal with this and put it behind them. Enid nodded and let Wednesday help her to her feet, so they could walk towards the glaring wolf at the entrance.

“Good luck, wolfie. We’ll deal with your plates, just go,” Yoko murmured quietly. Enid flashed her a quick, grateful smile, before the pair started moving away. Behind her, she heard Ethan and Sarah rising as well to follow, but was distracted from thinking about it when she scented discomfort from her mate. Enid quickly glanced down and to the side, to see Wednesday limping ever so slightly.

She opened her mouth to say something, but a change in her mate’s scent had her closing it again. Since they exchanged bites, it seemed that their bond was far deeper than it was before. To the point where Enid had become so sensitive to Wednesday’s pheromones, she could almost hear her thoughts. This message, if she had to put it into words, was something like ‘I do not wish to appear weak or vulnerable in front of your mother. You may attend to me later.’

Enid smirked at her slightly, pushing her agreement and her love through their bond.

As they approached, Esther turned without a word and stalked out into the quad. They’d barely made it out the doors themselves, before she whirled around and started interrogating them.

“Do you care to explain yourself?” she demanded.

“Explain what?” Enid replied obnoxiously. Wednesday smirked from next to her in a microexpression so small it was quite likely only the blonde noticed it.

“Don’t be obtuse, Enid. You have killed two people in the last 48 hours, do not seem particularly upset by it and, despite your guilt being established, there is no sign of any consequences from it.”

“Oh, that,” Enid waved it away dismissively. If her mother was going to be a bitch about it, then she’d not bother to be subtle either. “I was defending my mate. That is allowed, right?” she asked sarcastically. At her words, Esther went still and stared at her intensely.

“You … what?!” she stuttered, “Enid Sinclair, if you are mated then why did I walk in to see you kissing thisgirl? Why is your mate not by your side?” Her mother seemed quite confused, looking around the quad as if magically some fur boy would show up and claim her. Enid felt a rush, as she considered her next words. The mix of nerves and thrill produced quite an interesting sensation in her gut. In the past, she would have considered letting this fantasy play out, for the sake of not rocking the boat and getting through this. Now, though, Enid would not accept the idea that her mother could believe there was anyone for her, other than Wednesday. The spike in amusem*nt from said girl next to her only reinforced her desire to be a brat deliberately.

“But she is by my side?” the blonde replied with affected confusion, even tilting her head for dramatic effect.

“Excuse me?! SHE?! Surely, you are joking, Enid. Surely, you mean to tell me you mated a male wolf, as you should, and not this…” her mother trailed off and fluttered her fingers in Wednesday’s direction, clearly unable to appropriately describe what she thought of the gothic beauty. Enid narrowed her eyes.

“Did I stutter?” she snarked, before her tone hardened. “No, I am not joking. This is Wednesday Addams, my roommate and mate,” the blonde replied, her brattiness falling away and her words punctuated by a growl. She would not have her precious raven so insulted. Wednesday was worth a million Esther Sinclairs and her mother should consider herself fortunate that she was even allowed to look upon her. Let alone stand in her presence.

“I’m not surprised you’re … one of them,” she sneered at Wednesday, before flicking her eyes back to the blonde. “But I never expected you to be so easily manipulated, Enid. This isn’t normal! Why have you fallen so far from who you are?”

“f*ck off, Esther. This is who I am. I’ve always been gay and it’s only because of you that I’ve been miserable these last few years, trying to pretend otherwise. Forcing myself be something I’m not!” Enid shouted at her.

“How dare you?!” Esther yelled back, “after everything I’ve done for you. I’ve never been so disrespected.” She turned to Wednesday, who was standing there, completely expressionless, and idly enjoying the drama. “You’ve corrupted my daughter you … you … criminal!” Esther accused. Wednesday just stared at her, unblinking.

“Thoroughly. If by ‘corrupted’, you mean that I have freed her of your, frankly, pitiful attempt to brainwash her,” the dark haired girl responded bluntly.

“You little…” the elder wolf snarled as she took a step forward towards the tiny girl. The movement triggered Enid. It had barely even been a day since Wednesday had been taken from her. Hurt. While she knew Wednesday was more than capable of fighting her own battles, her raven was still injured and vulnerable. The idea that anyone would physically threaten her, filled the blonde with rage. With a movement so fast it blurred, Enid released Wednesday, surged forward, planted a single hand on her mother’s chest and shoved hard enough to hurl her between the columns and out into the snow blanketing the open part of the quad. This would be her only warning, to leave her mate be.

BACK. OFF,” the blonde roared, talons extended and clothes starting to tear as fur ran up her neck from under her collar. Enid saw from the corner of her eye the few people, who were moving through the quad, immediately run for the nearest exits. “You do not touch her. You do not approach her. You do not-

“What a thrillingly vicious display!” the halfwolf was interrupted by a jolly voice calling out from beside them. Enid was so shocked, that she took her eyes off her mother and whirled around. The voice had sounded excited, thrilled even, so it didn’t trigger any sense of danger; but she’d yet to encounter anyone, other than Wednesday, who faced down her more bestial side, without even the slightest trace of fear.

What she saw was an elegant couple, the husband short and rotund and the wife tall and voluptuous. Both dressed in black and with delighted smiles on their faces, as they gazed at her approvingly. It was so unexpected that the wolf reverted from her partial shift, returning to human form, as she gaped at them. She knew who they were, but hadn’t expected them to be there.

“Father? Mother? Why are you here?” Wednesday asked from next to her, as the couple walked towards them, completely disregarding the notion they were getting between two very angry furs.

“We heard you were injured, darling, and that you had quite the thrilling experience,” Morticia replied. “We came as soon as we could, to hear all about it,” the elegant woman’s smile widened. Gomez, meanwhile, seemed to be almost bouncing in place as he walked, clearly excited by everything around him.

“Of course we could not wait, mi tormentita (my little storm), we had to know!” he gushed. Wednesday, to shield herself from his enthusiasm, stepped around to keep Enid between her and her parents. The blonde, completely taken aback by their entrance to the situation, merely stared. Thankfully, they were all distracted by Esther’s angry steps, as she marched back into the peristyle where they stood, and the creaking of the door as Ethan and Sarah stepped out of the dining hall just in front of her. Before the enraged matriarch could say anything, Morticia turned to her with an unaffected smile.

“Where are our manners? Morticia and Gomez Addams. Most dreadful to meet you,” she said in a breathy tone. Ethan, the closest of the Sinclairs, glanced at Esther, who was visibly fuming, for a moment, before stepping forward to shake their hands. Clearly he’d heard enough from inside to know that the situation needed to be de-escalated.

“Ethan Sinclair and this is my mate, Sarah,” he said, gesturing behind himself to the brunette who gave a small wave, but was clearly too unnerved to get any closer. Enid understood the sentiment. It would seem the entire Addams family was just as kooky as her precious raven, so she understood Sarah’s reticence; even though Enid, herself, only felt endeared by them. The Addams parents didn’t seem to take any offence, Gomez merely replying with an enthusiastic grin and a wave of his own. “And this is our mother,” Ethan concluded.

“Esther Sinclair,” she greeted them through gritted teeth.

“Now that we are all together, perhaps we should head to the principal’s office?” Morticia suggested. “We met your dorm mother on the way in, and she suggested it may be a good idea.”

“What? This is a private matter-” Esther tried to say.

“Nonsense! Our girls have gone through a thrilling experience and we should celebrate their triumph together!” Gomez crowed, completely interrupting the elder wolf who snarled at him. The Addamses, however, did not notice as they’d already turned and started walking off.

Enid, determined not to have her mother behind her, grabbed her raven’s hand and moved them to the side so Esther could pass. As soon as she did, the woman clearly still angry and confused at what had just happened, Enid moved to follow along with Wednesday and her brother; whose arm was wrapped around his own mate, to settle her.

“Well that was as f*cked as I thought it would be,” he murmured quietly. Enid snorted in agreement, before shooting Sarah a smile that the brunette returned. It seemed to help her, because she relaxed and separated from Ethan to grab his hand.

The group moved through the school in complete silence, except for Gomez and Morticia who flirted with each other the entire time. There was something in how Gomez was behaving that reminded Enid of Wednesday. If she imagined what he’d be like, behind layers of extreme introversion. Glancing playfully at her mate, she gave her a cheeky smile, full of meaning. Wednesday responded with a flat stare that sharpened into a tiny glare, causing the blonde to coo at her and pull her in, to nuzzle at her temple. A movement which her raven accepted without hesitation and returned, before marching forward faster and pulling Enid along. The blonde couldn’t hide a grin at how adorable her mate could get.

When they finally arrived and entered the large office, Ms. Jakobsen was already standing by the principal, who was seated at his desk. Their dorm mother gave the girls a tiny wink and a quick smile, and nodded in appreciation at Ethan and Sarah, before focusing her attention on the three parents.

“Thank you all for coming. I apologise for the short notice,” the principal started, his voice cracked and dry. The man was an old psychic, and carried himself with the weight of someone who had seen more than they should over a long life. He wasn’t very active in student affairs, unlike Ms. Weems had been, but the gossip mill had him as someone who was slow to decide, often addressed a situation from multiple angles and could get quite nasty in his punishments, if offered disrespect. Enid swallowed uncomfortably. She had a bad feeling about this. “Please take a seat. Mr. Sinclair, Miss Rushman, you were not expected, so may have to stand,” he said, looking towards Ethan and Sarah apologetically. They both nodded in understanding and moved over to the fireplace, until they were called on.

Wednesday pulled Enid to sit squashed against her on a stool of some sort, while Morticia and Gomez took their place in seats on either side and slightly behind them. Esther perched on the final chair, to the side of the family, leaving a visible divide between them. “As you know,” the old psychic continued, “there was an altercation on school grounds yesterday. Several in fact. They have resulted in the deaths of a teacher as well as a student.”

As he spoke, the principal leaned back in his seat and clasped his hands together. “While both deaths occurred in Miss Sinclair’s presence, only one was directly sought after on her part. Those are the facts, as I understand them. Now things get more complicated. Ms. Jakobsen has informed me that the student, Mr. Grey, had been stalking the girls, particularly Miss Addams, for months now. Such behaviour, while certainly not tolerated, does not warrant what Miss Sinclair did to him. However, the state Miss Addams was in when brought into the infirmary yesterday, including traces of a hallucinogen in her system, that Ms. Jakobsen identified from her blood, is far more serious. Given eyewitness testimony from Miss Tanaka, who was present when Miss Addams was rescued, it is clear she faced a deadly threat.”

The blunt summary from the old man, who had paused for a moment, to let his words sink in, reminded Enid of what Wednesday had gone through. So while the Addams parents gasped excitedly in the background, Enid whined quietly and wrapped an arm around her mate to pull her even more against her side.

“So la lobita (the little wolf) was there to save our Wednesday, once again?” Gomez asked, getting an affirmative nod from Ms. Jakobsen. “How thrilling! That would have been quite a sight,” he continued wistfully.

“It was humiliating. Yet again I was taken prisoner by a foe. At least this one tortured me properly. By the time Enid arrived, I was beaten, hallucinating and had just fought off a siren’s command for me to end my own life.” Enid, who hadn’t known that detail, pulled Wednesday almost into her lap with a strangled sob. That she had come so close to losing her felt somehow more real, knowing that she’d had to resist a siren’s command in order to stay by her side.

“So you confirm that he was not wearing his amulet?” the principal asked, sitting forward and fixing them with a sharp gaze.

“Yes sir,” Enid replied, quietly. “He wasn’t when I arrived. He was straddling her, punching down on her, and screaming. All I could smell was Wednesday’s blood. I had to make him stop. Ensure he’d never hurt her again.”

“He tried to siren you as well, did he not?”

“Umm. Yeah. He commanded me to kill Yoko and then Wednesday,” Enid replied. Ms. Jakobsen snorted and the principal glanced at her and raised an eyebrow.

“That tactic might have worked on a lesser wolf. I would be much surprised if it disturbed Enid more than in passing,” the teacher shrugged. Esther bristled in place.

“Lesser wolf?” she demanded, speaking for the first time, since introducing herself to Morticia and Gomez.

Selvfølgelig (of course),” Ms Jakobsen replied. “As you and I are. You are aware your daughter is a blood moon wolf, not?”

“Of course I know that she shifted under a blood moon!” came the exasperated reply.

“But you know not what that means?” Ms. Jakobsen pressed her calmly. Esther sputtered. “Blood moon wolves are special. Gifted more than normal, but burdened with the weight of those gifts also,” she continued, old grief swimming in her eyes.

“It is not well documented. I was required to expend considerable effort in my research, to provide Enid with answers,” Wednesday interjected calmly.

“Miss Addams, I expect you to share that research,” the principal stated with a gimlet stare. Enid’s intense little mate matched him with an expressionless face.

“If Enid wishes me to,” was the only reply.

“That’s my dreadful viper, who could make even the most hardened negotiator beg for mercy,” Gomez sniffled from behind her. Enid felt an odd spike of emotion at the realisation that, in her parents eyes, Wednesday could do no wrong. It didn’t matter what she did, they found a reason to be proud of her because of it. Even while letting her experience the consequences for her choices, without adding to them themselves. It was such an alien attitude that the blonde had no idea how to process it. Wednesday shifted against her. ‘Smothering isn’t it? You’ll see what it’s like to be on the receiving end of their endless sycophancy, soon enough,’ were the words which popped into her mind from her raven’s scent. Enid giggled slightly and nuzzled black hair for a moment.

“This is not the time, Enid,” Ms. Jakobsen intoned gravely, giving her a measured look. Blushing, as she hadn’t meant for the giggle to be out loud, the blonde nodded meekly; although she didn’t move from resting her cheek on Wednesday’s hair.

“And the teacher?” Esther questioned, clearly doing her best to ignore the byplay right next to her.

“Mr Thompson confronted me when I was in my more feral bestial form, which we call a hellhound, and tried to make me stop what I was doing. Wednesday was missing and I couldn’t find her, and I was scared that the stalker had got to her. We didn’t know his name at the time,” Enid spoke up into the sudden silence. “When he approached me, he was distracting me from finding her. So when I roared, I was trying to make him back down. I guess his heart couldn’t take it. I don’t regret it.”

“The same roar sent every other fur, and most students, in the vicinity, aside from Ms. Jakobsen here, into unconsciousness,” the principal added bluntly. “It is truly unfortunate, as he was only attempting to do his job, but was an accident.” Ms Jakobsen scoffed as the old man spoke. “Ms. Jakobsen has been quite vehement in expressing her belief that his approach wasn’t properly understanding of Miss Sinclair’s situation and so he caused his own death,” he explained.

“Her situation being that she’s dangerous and out of control?” Esther responded flatly. Enid, despite having known where this was likely going to go, felt something in her heart crack at hearing the words out loud.

“No,” Wednesday replied bluntly. “Her situation, of being a blood moon wolf and needing to coexist with instincts that the mangy whelp you call your wolf couldn’t muster on its best day. Her situation, of being simply more powerful than anyone else in this educational penitentiary. Her situation, of knowing that her mate was threatened and trying to get to me before anything worse could happen.” Her raven delivered each sentence like a blow, staccato and unequivocal.

“YOU ARE NOT MATED,” Esther yelled at them in exasperation. All the surfaces, even the windows, started shaking in response to the menacing growl that suddenly filled the room. Enid turned in place, glad Wednesday was on her other side, to glare at her mother. Trying to claim a mate bond as false was taboo for a reason in wolf culture. Blood moon or not, few would react calmly to it as their instincts demanded action.

“The scars on my neck dictate otherwise,” Wednesday replied calmly, placing a hand on Enid’s thigh and squeezing slightly, encouraging her to back down. The wolf’s rising growl stopped immediately and she relaxed into the touch. Esther went absolutely white.

“... you didn’t,” she uttered weakly. Wednesday, exuding smugness, reached up with her other hand to pull her collar down to reveal her mate bite. Ms. Jakobsen, on seeing it, broke out into a delighted smile and nodded approvingly at them. “B-but she’s not a wolf … it’s not complete unless she can bite you back!” Esther tried to rationalise. Since her mate had requested she not react aggressively, Enid smiled vindictively and pulled her own collar down instead. Revealing the mark Wednesday had left on her that morning.

“But she did,” the blonde sneered, her words incisive and vicious, daring her mother to dispute it. Esther jerked twice, as if each bite had been a bullet straight to her own chest, and looked on with horror.

“Oh beau loup (beautiful wolf), welcome to the family!” Morticia exclaimed, while Gomez leaned forward to unashamedly wrap the wolf in a side hug. On registering his wife’s words, though, he released Enid to turn around and quickly grab her hand.

“Tish, that was French,” he crooned, kissing up her arm.

“Enough. You two behave as if you are the recently mated teenagers in the room,” Wednesday commanded, very much over her parents’ public display of affection. Enid grinned at her grumpy raven and kissed her temple quickly, to encourage her to calm down. Which she did, with only one additional grumble.

“So my daughter killed two people, disrespected staff, is a danger to everyone around her and claims to be unnaturally mated to a woman … and that is considered to be acceptable in this school?!”

“Want you your daughter to be arrested?” Ms. Jakobsen replied, eyes glowing a feral gold, at having her own relationship invalidated in such an ignorant manner.

“W-well no, but-”

“Have you truly a problem that she is gay?”

“You’re a grown wolf! You know how it’s meant to be!” Esther entreated. The moment the words left her mouth another growl filled the room. This one wasn’t as deep, nor as loud, as Enid’s, but it clearly signalled that Esther should stop speaking.

“Ms. Jakobsen, this is most unprofessional,” the principal interjected, calmly.

“I will not have her call my own mating into question,” Ms. Jakobsen replied bluntly, eyes still glowing gold. “This is wolf business, Richard. Stay out of it.” At her words the principal narrowed his eyes, clearly unhappy with how the situation was playing out.

“This has gone far enough, I think,” Morticia suddenly spoke up. “If you must fight, then please do so where the girls can choose not to be involved. Before you ‘take this outside’, as the school children might say, let us resolve the matter that brought us here.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Addams,” the principal spoke, ignoring the filthy look Ms. Jakobsen gave him. “From a legal standpoint, the death of Mr. Thompson was accidental and the death of Mr. Grey is justified by being in the defence of her mate. As such, we have already ensured there will be no consequences for Miss Sinclair from normie authorities for either. However, the manner in which both were achieved is … disquieting.” He went silent for a moment, before Ethan spoke up for the first time.

“Yeah, Enid is kinda terrifying if Wednesday is threatened. But so long as she’s left alone, there shouldn’t be any issues, right?”

“That is the problem Mr. Sinclair. Defending her mate does not give Miss Sinclair carte blanche to react with extreme aggression, in any case Miss Addams is in a situation she does not find comfortable. How can any of my staff be expected to do their duty, if they are in terror of Miss Sinclair’s response?” The old psychic looked around the room, meeting each person’s eyes, before continuing. “The fact of the matter, Miss Sinclair, is that you have acted in a way that has not engendered you favourably to your peers, or those trusted with your education,” again there was a sound of disagreement from next to him.

“The girl has a harder journey ahead of her than most, Mr. Torrent, and must bear the responsibility of power she did not ask for, and you seek to ostracise her for it?” Ms. Jakobsen interjected.

“No, Ms. Jakobsen, I do not. Yet the concern must be addressed, or it is not safe for her to remain in this school. Not for her and not for the other students and faculty whose safety I am charged with,” he replied firmly. “That you feel strongly enough to stand for her, given your experiences with her type of lycan, is a mark in her favour, of course. But, given that there have already been two deaths, good faith is simply not enough. I need demonstrated proof of willingness to abide by the rules; and an understanding that you, Miss Sinclair, are effectively on probation. Further incidents will not be tolerated.”

“So you will force her to act against her nature?” Wednesday demanded, leaning forward aggressively. Enid, understanding where the principal was coming from, pulled her back into her side.

“I understand, sir,” the blonde spoke quietly, but with underlying steel in her voice. “This hasn’t been easy for me, either. Both Wednesday and I have had to deal with a lot already this semester. Perhaps if we’d shared the stalking situation, this could have been avoided, but we did not know who to trust. Our last experience with a trusted staff member left us both scarred and traumatised, if you would remember.” The principal inclined his head, conceding her point. “Now it is over, and my Wednesday is healing, there is little reason for me to be quite so … violent. Truthfully, I don’t really like to be like that. Only if she’s threatened.”

“When you say ‘threatened’, what exactly do you mean, Miss Sinclair? Will I expect to have this conversation again, because a teacher has raised their voice at her, like your mother did earlier, and you respond like you just did?” the old psychic questioned her.

“Um, no. Do you think I hate her or something? If I didn’t let Wednesday fight her own battles, she’d think I don’t respect her and am trying to take her fun away. I’d never do that.”

“Care to explain this last few weeks, then?” he challenged. Wednesday smirked, even as the other people in the room looked between Enid and the principal, like they were watching a tennis match. Esther’s temper very clearly building as each second went by.

“Wednesday was suffering, truly suffering, like, in a bad way. Then was drugged, kidnapped and beaten. She wasn’t in a state to defend herself, so I did it for her. Sorry baby,” she murmured to her raven at the end, letting her know that she most definitely didn’t want to suggest she was weak.

“It is the truth, mi amor (my love),” Wednesday replied simply, ignoring the cooing from her parents behind them, at her use of the endearment.

“And what of what just happened in this office, when your mother raised her voice?” the principal inquired. At his words Esther’s eyes gleamed smugly, as if she were vindicated that he was defending her. Breathing in Wednesday’s scent, Enid felt her mind sharpen. As if her beautiful mate had whispered directly into her ear, she could see exactly how to undermine his objections. She would make Wednesday proud.

“What of it? It’s considered taboo to claim a wolf’s mate bond is invalid, false or pretend. Ms. Jakobsen, who is a ‘normal’ wolf compared to me and far more experienced in controlling herself, reacted no less badly than I did at the claim. Just because my mother has a problem with gays, and is using that to justify breaking the taboo, doesn’t change anything. I would hope that your professional staff would show me at least the courtesy of not emulating that vile thinking.” She applied a slight emphasis on the word ‘professional’, which she was rewarded for by the sudden spike of approval from the girl pressed up against her.

“And the way you assaulted me in the quad, you ungrateful girl?” Esther challenged abruptly. The principal raised his eyebrows and looked to Enid for an answer.

“She’s still injured from what happened only yesterday and you went to touch her,” Enid dismissed. “Unless your staff have a habit of touching or physically assaulting students without their permission, sir, I don’t think we’d have the same problem. Besides, give her a week to heal and I’d have probably just stood aside. She’s more than capable on her own,” she finished with a fond smile at her mate.

“You flatter me,” Wednesday replied, cutting off Esther’s retort, allowing Enid to nuzzle at her hair again. The principal contemplated them for a moment, before carefully moving his gaze around the room and once again making eye contact with everyone present. Enid met his eyes boldly, determined to stand by her words. Taking a breath, he nodded, clearly having made a decision.

“Very well. It is important that it be made clear to the staff, and student body, that you are not above reprimand. Additionally, you have severely damaged school property and unduly threatened many, who do not deserve the fear they now live with due to your presence. Therefore, Miss Sinclair, the consequences are as follows. You will be suspended for the next seven days, only allowed to leave your dorm for showers and food. Your access to Jericho is also revoked and you are confined to school grounds, for the rest of your tenure here. After your suspension, you will serve a special detention every week, also for the rest of your time at Nevermore. It will take the form of an additional class, to be conducted by Ms. Jakobsen, in assisting you to learn to manage your abilities, in a more productive and deliberate way. You will receive no credit for it, nor will it be part of your academic transcript, but failure in it, or any further incidents that do not come with unimpeachable justification, will result in your immediate expulsion. You or your family will also be required to account for the cost of the repairs not covered by insurance,” the principal concluded, his grey eyes frank and uncompromising.

Enid stared at him for a long moment, thinking through his words. Perhaps forestalling the furious tirade from her mate, who’d opened her mouth to retort, he raised his hand and continued to speak. “Miss Addams, I am afraid that you will bear consequences for this as well,” he intoned. At his words, Wednesday narrowed her eyes, but waited for him to explain himself. “It is clear that, to no small extent, the threat Miss Sinclair poses is directly tied to your presence and well being. Therefore, you will bear her punishment as well and be required to enrol in classes together. Any time you choose to spend apart is up to you but, as far as this institution and its activities are concerned, you are not to be separated.” Wednesday frowned slightly as she listened and, when he finished, inclined her head in the most sincere form of respect Enid had ever seen her direct to a teacher, outside Ms. Jakobsen.

Thinking it over, the wolf realised what he’d just done. He’d punished Ms. Jakobsen for speaking up against him and punished Enid in a way that effectively destroyed any freedom both her and Wednesday had, while at Nevermore. Certainly no student would claim that they weren’t facing consequences anyone else would fight tooth and nail to avoid. However, he’d done so in such a way that it would give Wednesday the week Enid had remarked on her needing to heal, while being able to avoid everyone else. That and enrolled her in a training program with no syllabus, that could then be tailored specifically to what she needed by the most qualified person to help her. Which could be then cited as ‘reformative’, in any college application she might write. Additionally, he’d ensured that she’d never be formally separated from her mate, for their entire time at Nevermore. The only thing that really concerned her was the requirement to cover any gap in expenses, for repairing the school. Something her mother had focused on immediately.

“What?” Esther scoffed, “you think we will be footing the bill for repairs?”

“Someone has to, Mrs. Sinclair. Insurance will not cover the full cost and it will not set a good precedent, if we expect the school alumni to account for the actions of a single student. Especially when her family has the means to provide the required funds. Your refusal will reflect poorly on not just her but you and, by extension, your whole family,” the principal replied calmly, flicking his eyes significantly to Ethan, who was standing by the fireplace looking absolutely shell shocked. Esther, in a rush that indicated how little she thought through what he was implying, wasted no time in turning to Enid.

“Look at this mess, Enid. First our standing in the clans by being such a late bloomer and now… you’re a monster that threatens everyone around you. All you ever bring is disappointment and ruin.”

“M-” Ethan tried to interrupt, Sarah squeezing his hand so tightly it had gone white.

“SILENCE,” she screamed at him, causing him to stumble back, before she turned again to Enid. “This is the last time you besmirch the family name. It’s not yours any more. We will no longer support you. No longer pay for anything. You are no longer a Sinclair and no daughter of mine.” At her words, unimaginable pain ripped through Enid’s chest and she could feel her face crumpling as she started to cry. It was one thing to think, to know, what her mother truly thought of her; but hearing it? Hearing it spelled out, as Enid was made a lone wolf at last, was agony.

This was not something she could fight with fang or claw. Being cast out of her family, for not being good enough… she could not undo it with any amount of strength at her disposal. And it was going to cost her Wednesday; since there was no way Enid could remain at Nevermore without sponsorship, which she would never be granted by any scholarship board, now that her attendance came with such a high price tag. The principal had clearly underestimated her mother’s spite.

As she broke down, Enid felt slim arms wrap around her and draw her in. Tucking her head into the crook of a neck, she inhaled the scent that she’d loved since the first time she’d bounced up to Wednesday, on the day they’d met. It smelt of all the things she would never feel from her now ex-family. Love. Acceptance. Home. That final realisation left her gasping for breath, clinging to the only thing she had left that mattered. Her beloved raven.

“You are the most vile, contemptible being I have ever been exposed to,” her mate snarled over her shoulder at Esther. “You are not worth the air you breathe, the dirt you walk on, nor the perfect daughter you were blessed with. Your treasonous bile is well removed from her life, even though your abdication of responsibility has hurt her in a way you deserve to feel far more than she.” Enid was quite sure she’d never heard Wednesday speak with such open disgust.

“Indeed, my darling Wednesday is correct,” Morticia’s smooth voice, edged with a coldness she’d never heard from the woman before, echoed through the room. “Are you so keen to abandon your responsibilities as a mother?”

“Well I’m not to her. Not anym-”

“Silence,” the elder seer spoke, extending the word into a sibilant hiss, her presence swelling and her voice suddenly ringing unnaturally in the room. Esther immediately choked on her tongue, as if it had grown several sizes too big for her mouth. With a hiccup Enid looked up from Wednesday’s shoulder to see Morticia now standing, directing an absolutely lethal glare across the room. The wolf had already seen that her raven’s romantic streak clearly came from her father, but she hadn’t known where her intimidation factor had come from until she saw Morticia’s face. Wednesday’s mother was glaring over at Esther with a contempt even her daughter would be proud of, her presence enough to choke the irate wolf opposite her into silence. Or perhaps it was witchcraft.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder, bigger than one of the ones rubbing circles into her back and holding her close. Turning her head, she took one look at Gomez and realised that Morticia was not where Wednesday inherited her menacing aura from. Not by a long shot. Her raven was her father’s daughter. He was also standing, just like his wife, and squeezing Enid’s shoulder supportively, but the look on his face as he stared across the room … it sent a chill down her spine.

All his joviality was gone. Every last bit. The man’s face was utterly cast in stone, his expression completely frozen and his eyes dead. There was nothing behind them that even hinted at compassion or understanding. Only the flat, emotionless stare of someone who knew how to make their next move hurt and no plea was going to stop them. It was a look that reminded her viscerally of Wednesday, but perfected to a degree she hadn’t even imagined was possible.

Yet his hand on her shoulder was tender. Supportive. She didn’t deserve it.

“My love. You do deserve to be adored. Defended,” Wednesday’s even voice insisted in her ear.

“Wednesday, darling, take your mate away from this creature. Your father and I will resolve the situation from here. Enid is family and you know our family motto,” Morticia commanded. Gomez still hadn’t spoken, merely stared in a way that had Esther backing up against the far wall, looking suddenly very afraid. Enid felt her raven nod before she was ushered to her feet.

Numbly, she obeyed the urging of tiny black nailed hands. “It is time for you to depart as well, Ethan and Sarah,” Morticia said. Enid didn’t hear a reply, but the rapid movement of feet towards the door indicated instant obedience.

“Come on, mi corazón (my heart), let us return to our den,” Wednesday whispered in her ear. Unwilling to remove herself from her raven’s hold, the stricken wolf allowed her mate to lead her from the room; barely aware of what was happening around her. The door closed with a dull thud behind her, cutting off words spoken in a tone so dead it raised the hairs on Enid’s arms even from outside the room.

“Now that the children are gone, it is time to discuss your future-”

“Do not listen, mi vida (my life),” Wednesday murmured, cupping one of her ears while drawing the other to her chest, muffling the world. “All that is needed from us now, is to get you somewhere safe. Are you willing to watch a film with me in our bed? Perhaps one of those insipid shows you so enjoy?” her raven entreated. Enid shook her head.

“Just -hic-, want to cuddle you,” she managed.

“Your wish is my command,” Wednesday replied gravely, drawing her closer as she shuffled her back to their room.

Emotional Support Werewolf - Chapter 26 - CelticWolf55, Sicurius (2024)


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