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Thank you! I love your products and company! You guys rock!!!! Best Balsamic Vinegar ever!!!! Vikki from Arizona

I want to drop a note to let you know how fabulous the Olive Tap is. I started shopping in Manitou Springs, CO when I would go to CO to visit my daughter. That was many years ago. Each trip it was a goal to drive to Manitou for a special outing and trip to the Olive Tap. I would stock up on oil and whatever that I felt would not weigh my suitcase down and the airlines charge me extra. I love the oils, the vinegars and found a seasoning, Montana Steak Seasoning, that I use on everything. I buy it in quantities to make sure it doesn't run out. My daughter has since moved to Indiana but I still continue to order from there because there is no comparison around here. When I order something, I know that it will arrive safe since your packing is outstanding. It always arrives sooner than expected which makes me happy. So, to all the workers that make my experience so pleasurable, thank you very much!

Deedie from Kentucky

Being a big fan of The Olive Tap, I knew the Gift Set of the bestseller balsamic vinegar and garlic olive oil would be a big hit with my friends. I received a wonderful note of gratitude with a raving review of the delicious balsamic & oil. Thank you from all of us. Patty

I ordered 2 bottles of their wonderful balsamic vinegars as a last minute gift for my mother. As a family we absolutely love their products. I requested that they gift wrap my order and they delivered a beautiful package that I could give Mom straight out of the shipping box. Thank you, Olive Tap I’m a lifelong customer. If your looking for that special gift you can’t miss with Olive Tap! Frank B. from Cleveland Ohio

Ordered Sunday - Delivered Today - With a holiday in there!!!-The Olive Taphas amazing servicegrin emoticonThanks again for your support of the troops. (Support of the troops refers to our planned donation to the Wounded Warrior Project).

Julie-Anne P. from Illinois

WOW! How did you get it here so fast? Very unique packaging, I'm impressed. Thanks for your great service. Christmas Blessings!
Sue from Illinois

"I visited your store in Manitou Springs several weeks ago. I didn't think I would be able to sample the oils and vinegars all by themselves. Wow, was I ever wrong. What a treat to taste and enjoy your super fresh and clean tasting products. I especially loved the Bordeaux Cherry Balsamic Vinegar and the Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar. The person running the store was so knowledgeable and helpful, subtly encouraging to taste a few more of each yet not pushy. Since returning to my home town in California I have gone online and ordered more oils and vinegars for myself and for some of my friends. Can't wait to go back to your Colorado store and do some more tastings. I will be much braver and branch out to some of your more exotic flavors. Thanks so much for your spotless and enticing store and for your informative website." Donna from California

"Stumbled upon the Olive Tap when visiting the in laws in Colorado Springs. Love at first taste? No doubt!

I've since run out of my Italiano and Mission EVOOs, and my pasta sauces are suffering. The over the counter grocery store brands are bland and rob my sauces of their pungent, punchy, fresh EVOO notes. The porcini mushroom savoriness is lost. The capers don't do their tangy salty dance on the palate. The San Marzano tomatoes lose their power. There's simply no alternative. I'm fortunate to have a mother in law who's heading over to Manitou to re-stock my kitchen!

Thanks for having a product that has revolutionized my Putanesca and my Creamy Porcini Sherry Pepper Sauce. If I go into the sauce business, I think my profits will go to support my Olive Tap habit.


Sebastian - Baltimore, Maryland

"I've been fortunate enough to travel the world yet one of my favorite "finds" of all time is right in my own back yard!!! On a recent trip to Manitou, my sister in law and I discovered your shop and WOW....we could hardly tear ourselves away. We fell in love with the fabulous products that you offer and ended up shipping several bottles home. I can't wait to order more products online and give them as gifts for those on my list that seem to have everything!!!!

Barb - Jonesboro, Arkansas

"Just writing to say that my mother and I usually go to Manitou Springs once a month for a girly day. Yesterday we saw The Olive Tap and went in, what a treat!!! I have never seen a store like The Olive Tap, and am pretty sure it will become my favorite store in Manitou. We bought 3 bottles with the help of the great staff. I was very surprised how knowledgeable they were in there because I would not have know where to start, and so nice and helpful with ideas. I look forward to many more visits."

Tiffany - Colorado

"My husband and I were at your store in Manitou Springs, CO last week (on vacation!) and we LOVE the concept and everything about your store. This was such an awesome experience and your product was FANTASTIC!

Thanks again for your amazing shop- It was my favorite!" Melissa - Missouri

"After receiving your most recent newsletter, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. This is by far one of my very favorite places to go. I wish it wasn't so far from my home (over an hour away) but well worth the trip! Joan

"I second that! It's kind of like dressing around my jewelry – I've been shopping and cooking around the olive oil. It's totally awesome!"PK - Colorado

"We've been cooking with our purchases every night since we brought them home. A couple of new recipes, but cooking some of our favorites with your higher quality products and enjoying them like we are having them again for the first time."

Jack - Colorado Springs, CO

"Happy and Blessed Christmas to all. Oh, how I miss being able to just drive up and visit you and replenish the supply. However, in a few days we will be leaving again for Curacao, and we can't take YOU with us, unfortunately. I have to begin to think of different ways to add flavors to all our cooking. Even Howard has become an marvelous chef using all your products. Thank you for making our life a bit more flavorful, and joyous. You have added to our pleasure in so many ways, recipes and hints. I have to thank too our daughter Lynne, who introduced us to your family. We leave in a few days, returning in April and hopefully can run in for a new supply. I don't want to order this far ahead.. I'll hand on to the Christmas coupons...every day is Christmas when you reach 80.... Thank you all and may you have a wonderful business season as well in all your personal lives... God Bless you ...and now that I'm in my second childhood.. May Santa fill your stocking with all you ever dreamed."

Mary and Howard - Decatur, IL

"My sister-in-law called me from a farmer's market in Ohio asking my advice on what olive oil to buy and I couldn't imagine what kind of olive oil would be for sale at a farmers market. The more she talked, the more I was curious. Then she told me about your balsamic vinegar. By the end of our conversation, I'd asked her to send me one of each. To make a long story short, I've brought back olive oil and balsamic vinegar literally from all over the world, and yours is some of the best I've enjoyed. I was astounded at what good products I was tasting for the price. If you have a mailing list, please add my name to it. I only wish you had a location nearby so I could taste the different varieties. I'd be in real trouble then! Well done. I look forward to many more bottles in the future.

Janie - Ohio

"Kathi and Rick, Good Morning!

This is Cape Cod calling to let you know how much we are enjoying our newly (since June) acquired vinegars and oils. When we were out in Long Grove, with our daughter and her family, we purchased the pineapple and tangerine vinegars as well as the garlic and Blanca oils which we have really loved. We use the garlic oil so much. Yum! On Thursday we received our latest addition which was the strawberry balsamic vinegar and roasted walnut oil. Wow, what a combination! Today we are having a roasted chicken salad with cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, baby spinach, red onion, celery, sliced provolone cheese, and walnuts, drizzled with strawberry and walnut oil dressing. I can't wait 'til lunch. By the way, the best part of cooking is tasting as you go!

Thanks for expediting our latest order." Take care,

The Moore's from Massachusetts

When I was at the Northfield Farmer's Market this past Saturday, I was fortunate enough to sample some orange oil. YUM! And then, a bit of pomegranate balsamic vinegar was added and POW! The taste blew me away! I got a bottle of each so that I could make a tasty dressing at home for salads and such. What I forgot to ask was what proportion you recommend I use. 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar seems to make sense, but would appreciate your advice. My taste buds anxiously await your response... Thanks!

Note from The Olive Tap: The typical ratios of Oil to Vinegar for Vinaigrettes is 2 or 3 Parts Oil to 1 Part Vinegar. Your preference, however, is what really matters!

Ms. Macnamara - Illinois

Hey Rick, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed with your website I am. Really cool, and the products look awesome. Good luck with your business.

Mr. Mallow - Illinois

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, our only regret is we can not take all our oils with us when we leave USA.....I can not imagine cooking without them for 5 months.. I can add a recipe for hamburger....that can be used sloppy Joe or for starter chili or spaghetti sauce: Porcini oil....It gives meat a wonderful flavor, and less salt is used. I can not begin to extol the wonderful has added flavors and is healthy. I didn't think at 79, I'd be experimenting with "new" flavors but your choice of oils and vinegars have made cooking an adventure. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Note from The Olive Tap: Check out our Secret Sloppy Joe Recipe in the Recipe Section.

Lynne's Mom in Curacao

You have to tell more people about your products!!!!! I visited your new location in Downer's Grove. I was impressed. Had some samples. Spent $50 and will be back for more! The owner was in when I was there. He did an excellent job of educating us.

Mr. Miller - Illinois

Dear Rick, Enjoyed your fabulous shop on Labor Day weekend! Thank you so much for your great service and…your interest in the good things that come for New Hampshire – we love our state and are only too happy to honor it by sending some of it's best products! Best wishes and have a wonderful fall season.

Ms. Roor - New Hampshire

I just found out about this place on WGN TV News today at Noon…I live in Palatine…so very close…I LOVE olive oil and to find a place so close that has FRESH olive oil is amazing!!...I will be coming to your store this weekend for sure!!...I never knew your place existed so THANKS FOR GOING ON WGN!

Mrs. Will - Illinois

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Customer Testimonials | Insights from The Olive Tap (2024)


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